Anyone planning to install solar panels in 2022 should start immediately to avoid facing supply chain issues later in the year.

Go Solar Now to Avoid Supply Chain Issues Later in The Year

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Anyone planning to install solar panels in 2022 should start immediately to avoid facing supply chain issues later in the year.

In recent months, the solar industry has come to terms with the fact that the supply chain is still not improving and the end of the year is set to feature shortages of raw materials, solar panels and labor!

Here at Florida Power Services, we’ve planned well in advance to ensure all our existing installation plans will be completed on time. But we highly advise new potential customers to get started NOW!

If you wait until later in the year, you could see your solar insulation delayed, rise in price or face cancellation. If it’s not begun in 2022, you’ll miss out on those 26% federal solar tax credits that will reduce to 22% in 2023!

What’s Causing the Solar Supply Chain Issues?

The solar industry has suffered ongoing disruptions ever since the start of the pandemic. The pandemic is still affecting the rest of the world, with raw material producers and solar component manufacturers consistently facing setbacks.

The result? Higher demand and higher prices.

Since July 2020, supplies have risen by 15-40%! The major driving factors in solar supply chain issues are:

  • Polysilicon component shortages were triggered by the recent US bans on some Chinese suppliers that use forced labor.
  • COVID-19 disruptions, including shutdowns and closures of manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
  • Buyer demand increased following the climate crisis demand.
  • Rising utility and energy prices resulting in new solar installations.
  • Global Shipping constraints triggering delays, cost increases and cancellations for solar panel shipments to the US.
  • Raw material shortages such as glass, aluminum, polysilicon, copper and silver.

How Will Solar Supply Chain Issues Affect Buyers?

We can see these issues will trigger shortages later in the year. We’ve currently got a decent stock of equipment and components, but towards the end of the year, that may run out because there isn’t enough coming into the US currently. This is the same for everyone in the industry.

Anyone looking for a solar installation may face:

  • Canceled projects
  • Delayed projects
  • Increased prices

How Can Solar Buyers Avoid Solar Shortage Issues?

Solar panel buyers must take action to avoid these nasty outcomes. Here are our key tips:

  • Only use a reputable company such as Florida Power Services, who maintains their price quotes.
  • Sign up for a solar installation NOW.
  • Get in ahead of the queue.
  • Don’t delay until later in the year!
  • Get grandfathered into Florida’s existing net metering bill before July 2022!
  • Take advantage of 2022’s federal tax credits before they reduce in 2023!

Solar Shortage Warning from Our Customers

Andrew from Tampa, FL was in a similar position last year. We spoke to him early this week:

“Back in early 2021, after years of dreaming, my wife and I decided to invest in solar. We’ve wanted some panels on our roof for years because it’s constantly cooked by the sun and we wanted to go green. But we held off until the end of 2021.

That was a terrible idea because there were equipment shortages throughout the state caused by COVID and all that. I mean, everywhere I went gave us the same answer. The prices had gone up because there wasn’t enough to go around.

We’ve got great panels on our roof now, but man, I cannot advise folk more to not wait. Just do it.

If you know you want solar, it’s not worth waiting because those prices are going to go up again. Or you’ll get delayed. I’ve had friends use other companies like Tesla who have had their projects entirely canceled or suddenly they get some additional cost billed to them.

I’m glad I went with Florida Power because they kept their quote. It’s not their fault we delayed and I’m really thankful they got the job done in time for the 2021 solar tax credits.”

How Florida Power Services Is Keeping Its Prices Down

Florida Power Services has learnt from the mistakes of others in the past.

We’ve been working hard to try and stay ahead of all these changes since 2020 and maintain our equipment and price quotes.

While it’s been challenging in recent months, with stock plummeting and prices rising, we respect our customers and have a reputation to uphold.

Quote Promise

ALL our quotes remain valid for 7 days after issuances. Prices are being updated weekly.

We speak to our manufacturers every week to stay informed about the changes and ensure our customers are updated on available equipment.

No Nasty Surprises

Florida has seen solar companies make catastrophic mistakes over solar supply chain issues in the past. They continue to sell unavailable equipment without factoring in price increases. The result? Delays. Change orders. Cancellations.

That can be fatal for the solar company. Brevard Solar was a famous example of a company that sold under costs, signed contracts and took deposits until the day they cut off their phones.

Real Experience

Florida Power Services has over 20 years of experience. We’ve seen it all, and we will not make mistakes that leave you screwed over like other companies.

That’s why we’re warning customers to act now to avoid surging prices later in the year.

We’ve helped thousands of Florida residents save on their utility bills with high-quality equipment and the best warranties in the solar industry.

Get Grandfathered Into Net Metering Before July 2022! Last Chance!

Florida’s net metering programs allow you to sell your excess solar production back to the grid! This can massively reduce your bills.

But sadly, these programs are set to change following a controversial bill.

You have until July 2022 to get grandfathered into the existing net metering agreement! You must have your utility interconnection application submitted by June 30th!

Act now! Don’t Delay!

Start Your Florida Solar Installation Today!

Contact us today to get your Florida solar installation started before these solar shortage issues arise!

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is the Sunshine state’s leading solar power installer and would love to help you save thousands of dollars in 2022, through solar tax credits, high-quality designs and financing.

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