Solar Configurations

Solar Power System Configurations

Oh, you want some solar power in Florida? Awesome!!! You’ve come to the right place!
Take a minute and read through this brief informational page that we’ve put together for you to determine what type of solar power system would be best for your project.

Tampa Bay Solar Power Company

What type of solar power system are you shopping for? Are you looking for power in the event of a grid failure?
Maybe just looking to purchase cheaper kWh?


Tampa Bay Solar Power Company

No utility service to your location? No problem! Florida Power Services has extensive experience designing and installing off grid solar power systems or as we like to call them ”Micro Grids”.

Prepping for a grid failure? Conspiracy theorist? Inland in a remote location with no utility power available? No other option for your island home?

We have a quality power solution to fit your needs that will not only conform to the latest version of the NEC but also be installed with some of the finest workmanship available.

It will probably be more expensive than you thought, Design/Consulting starting at $1,200. Don’t get caught without enough power because contractor X was trying to close a deal. There is a lot of time involved in the design of an off grid solar power plant and the review/approval of a competent FL PE is recommended.

Besides a comprehensive site survey the following considerations will need to be factored into the plant design;

  • Loads. How many peak kWh are you going to need?
  • Autonomy. How long do you want the loads to have power in overcast conditions / overnight?
  • Life Cycles. How many times can the battery bank discharge and charge before it needs replacing?

Grid Tied Solar With Battery Backup

Tampa Bay Solar Power Company

Grid Tied Solar With Battery Backup can also feed excess electricity to the grid but has the added feature of batteries in order to power some selected loads/whole house when the grid is down.

These types of systems are commonly used for emergency back up power or in areas with grid instability.

Great fits for grid tied solar with battery backup;

  • Area’s with grid instability.
  • Critical load applications.
  • Life support systems.
  • Some company for your lonely EV in the garage!

Grid Tied Solar

Tampa Bay Solar Power Company

On grid solar systems benefit from the ability to sell power back to the electric company during peak sun hours, often rising utility costs are mitigated by solar during the day and power is purchased at a lower rate during the evening.

Systems that generate more power than the home or building uses sell back excess power through a Net Metering or Interconnect
Agreement with the utility provider.

Grid tied systems are designed to meet a kWh consumption and will not provide power to loads in the event of an outage due to the
restrictions specified in UL 1741.

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