Grid Tied
Solar Power

Grid-Tied Solar

On Grid Solar Power Systems are our most cost-effective configuration. With the installation of a Grid-Tied Solar System you’ll have access to clean, free electricity and earn money by feeding power back into the grid. Within just a few years your system will pay for itself by offsetting utility bills. Florida Power Services has extensive experience in installing a variety of Solar Power Systems for all wind loads and roofing styles. We can install your very own power plant, that earns you money!

What is Grid-Tied Solar?

Grid-Tied Solar is a Solar Power System that is connected to the main grid. It will enable you to earn money by selling energy back to your power company during peak sun hours. The inclusion of a Net Metering System will give you full control of your energy output, and you’ll only spend on grid energy during the cheaper evening times. Grid-Tied Systems are designed to meet a kWh consumption and will not provide power to loads in the event of an outage, due to restrictions. Although there is no battery storage, it will dramatically reduce your utility bills as you use your own clean power.

  • Earn by feeding energy back to the grid.
  • Significantly Reduce your energy bills.
  • Quick Return on Investment.

Is Grid-Tied Solar Power for me?

Grid-Tied Solar Power is ideal for any home or business owner who wants to save thousands on their energy bills. If you fear the unstoppable rise of electricity costs, then installing a Grid-Tied System will set you up for a future where you have minimal costs and a home of tomorrow.

How are Grid-Tied Solar Systems Installed?

Our fully certified, expert team will analyze your property and design a power system that brings you quick, reliable and money-saving electricity. We’ll use only the finest materials and tools to install your very own Solar Power System, through some of the best workmanship you’ll find in Florida.

When designing your Solar Power System, we’ll consider the following:

  • Loads – How many peak kWh you’ll need, for consistent and reliable power.
  • Autonomy – How long will you want the loads to have power for during overcast conditions and overnight.
  • ROI – We’ll help you find a plan that ensures you cover your costs as soon as possible, so you can begin to make a profit.

A Low-Risk Investment

Grid-Tied Solar provides a long-term, low-risk investment that brings various benefits. You’ll save tens of thousands of dollars and avoid rising electricity prices.

Your property’s value will also soar. Evidence shows that Florida solar homes boom in value, with an increase of $20,000 for every $1,000 saved in annual electricity. When electricity prices become painfully high, it will be your home that investors want to throw cash at.

Tax credits can also provide a substantial portion of the total solar power system cost. The federal energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows you to take a tax credit equal to 26% of the total cost of your solar system, and due to the Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008, the federal ITC remains available through 2020.

We can discuss your ROI (Return On Investment) and financing options to ensure you make back your investment costs, as soon as possible.

Why use Florida Power Services?

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” has worked over the past 17 years to install eight megawatts of solar panels across the sunshine state. Our reviews prove that we strive to exceed expectations, through an exceptional experience and premium products that are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Solar Installation is an exciting investment and one we’d love to undertake on your behalf. Solar Power is our passion and if you’re ready to join the energy revolution, then contact us today.