Commercial Solar
Maintenance & Repair

Top-Rated Commercial Solar Power Company in Florida

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” has been serving Florida business owners with high quality commercial solar maintenance and repair for over 17 years. Whether your business needs an entirely new solar power system, a fine-tuning of an existing solar system, roof repair or any replacements underneath your solar panels, then we’ve got you covered. As the experts in Florida solar power, no job is too big or too small.

Commercial Solar Power Maintenance

Inverter Error Codes and Low Solar Power Output

The inverters in your commercial solar power system convert the sun’s energy into the electricity that is used throughout your property. Unfortunately, inverters can suffer technical issues on rare occasions. When this happens, your solar system will fail to deploy full power – leaving you short on energy and with a rising electricity bill.

Here at Florida Power Services, we know how costly inverter errors can prove to be for any business. But we can help. We have the tools to diagnose any error code that an inverter displays and a team of experts to get it back up to full health. If your commercial solar system is suffering from any problems then give us a call; we’ll make the repairs that you need!

Our Commercial Inverter Maintenance Process:

  • We’ll diagnose the inverter error codes, using our expertise and tools.
  • Inspect the connections between the inverter, your main service and solar panels
  • Clean the inverter and remove any faulty parts or damaged connections
  • Leave your business with an inverter and solar system that runs at peak performance, so you get what you paid for.

Signs Your Commercial Solar Inverter Has Problems

  • Red lights and error codes
  • Low Solar Output
  • Electricity bills are higher than usual


Solar Batteries

Any off-grid or on-grid commercial power system with battery backup requires regular battery maintenance to increase the returns on investment and prevent expensive repairs. In our experience, most battery problems are caused by dirty or loose connections and corroded or flooded batteries. When batteries become damaged, then your commercial property won’t be able to store as much solar energy and you’ll simply lose money.

As a commercial solar power company in Florida, we can manage the replacement, while cleaning and configuring of your batteries without risk. Batteries in commercial properties are often depended upon for product preservation or security, so neglecting their health is asking for trouble.

  • Battery fluid is extremely irritable and is strongly advised against handling alone.
  • Our expert team can attend to your battery problems, equipped with protective gear and Hydrometers.
  • We’ll clean up any dirty connections and recognize early signs of wear.
  • Through regular maintenance, your commercial solar batteries should last at least ten years with optimal energy storage.

Roof Leaks and Solar Panels

Through our experience, we know how much of a problem a leaking roof is for Florida business owners. Your PV Solar System was installed to put your business into the future, not backward. As specialists in Florida Solar roof repairs, we can help.

  • Poor installation techniques and insufficient flashings are the number one causes of solar roof leaks.
  • We’ll fix any leaks, with either partial repairs or a full replacement.
  • We’ll also remove and re-install your solar panels in the process, preventing the problems from occurring again.
  • Our craftsmanship is rated as the best in Florida and we’re proud to say our team has been serving local business owners for over 17 years.

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Commercial Solar Power Repairs

Commercial Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation in Florida

Commercial solar panel installation in Florida is a growing trend in successful businesses. It’s a fantastic investment that saves money through solar energy harvesting and can provide an on-site energy store system. However, there are times when repairs or roof replacements are needed.

When solar panels are involved, roof work can become complex. Most roofers will refuse even to touch solar panels, while your original commercial solar power company may have not be available and that’s where we come in. Florida Power Services’ certified technicians know exactly what to do, on any type of roof and it only takes one phone call to handle the entire project.

Why Use Florida Power Services for Commercial Solar Maintenance and Repairs?

Outstanding Craftsmanship and Experience

  • 17 years of experience servicing commercial systems of all sizes
  • We only use the very best equipment and materials in our installations, to ensure our commercial solar systems stay healthy for decades to come.

An Old System or Different Installer is No Problem

  • We work on solar systems of all ages
  • You don’t need to hunt down your original installer; we’re familiar with all technologies and set-ups.

Maximum Capacity and 30 Year Lifespan

  • Our goal is to bring your commercial solar system to maximum capacity, so you can sit back and watch it save you money.
  • We work to ensure our clients are left with a PV Solar System that will work for the next 25-30 years, giving you an outstanding ROI.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY

Many business owners believe they can remove or repair their solar panels alone. We can’t advise against this enough. PV Solar Systems are incredibly fragile and expensive and should never be messed with unless you truly know what you’re doing. Your own health is at risk too when you start climbing a roof, with potentially lethal faulty connections.

Our Florida Commercial Solar Power Company can visit your business with the world-class equipment to perform a safe and secure servicing that protects you and your investments for decades to come.

Need Upgrades to a Commercial Solar System?

Thankfully, any roof repair or replacement gives us the chance to make some useful commercial solar system upgrades. We can install monitoring capabilities (so you can track your system’s production online), DC optimizers, higher efficiency panels or more peak kW – to name just a few.

Should you need commercial solar maintenance or repairs, then consider making upgrades while there is the chance. Your business can be set up for the future!