Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is Your Top Rated Trinity Solar Power Company

Solar Power Installation in Trinity, FL

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is your top rated Trinity Solar Power Company. We install sleek, world-class solar systems for residential and commercial owners throughout Trinity and Southwest Florida. Our company is respected as the experts in solar installation in Trinity and is consistently helping homeowners and businesses save money and the environment. With 17 years of experience, our state certified team has gained a unique knowledge of solar design for all roof styles and wind loads. We provide seamless and safe installations of renewable energy systems that remain trouble free for 25-30 years. Solar Panels are what we do, and it’s our passion to help Trinity residents get electricity from the sun, with the best equipment and the latest installation methods.

Getting Started with Trinity Solar Panel Installation

When you choose Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company”, you’re choosing a company that cares about your involvement. We take care in ensuring you receive outstanding customer service from start to finish, by including you in the path to owning your very own solar energy system. Our 9 step plan includes:

How to Achieve the Best Return on Investment for Your Solar Power System in Trinity

The numbers show the best ROI and savings are achieved by a one time payment for your renewable energy system. The financing options available for these types of improvements are mostly unsecured and carry contractor fees in addition to a higher APR which we have seen push the ROI out by years, many times. Solar leasing is also highly advised against. In these situations, the lessor gets the tax credits rather than the homeowner, who is locked into a monthly payment and effectively trading the power company for the solar leasing company. When you lease, you’ll lose thousands. Payment by check is the best method to have an optimal ROI.

When You Lease, You Lose. Thousands.

If you’re considering Solar Power Installation in Trinity , or have any questions, then feel free to contact us today so we can advise you on what’s best.

The Difference between Florida Power Services and Other Solar Power Companies in Trinity

At Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” we pride ourselves in providing solar power systems that are a step above the competition through world-class solar panel installation.

How Does Solar Power Work?

Solar Panels collect sunlight and convert its energy into direct current (DC) electricity. A solar inverter then converts the DC into alternating current (AC) electricity, which will feed into the power distribution panel of the property. The loads will then consume solar energy instead of grid power, in the event there are no loads excess electricity produced by the solar panels will be fed to the grid and tracked through the bi directional meter earning you credits to pull against at night.

Save and Store with Net Metering

Net Metering is a huge benefit for any solar system owner, as it allows you to essentially use the utility company as free storage for your excess solar production. Any excess electricity that your solar system creates will be fed back into the grid, and saved for a later date! Through the use of a single, bi-directional meter you’ll be able to see how many kWh you’ve fed to the grid and at the end of a calendar year if there is excess a check! By simply installing solar panels onto your property in Trinity , FL with net metering, you’ll save money every month.

Why Should You Consider Solar Power Installation in Trinity, FL?


Solar systems provide a long-term and low-risk investment with nothing but benefits. Whether you’re a home-owner or a business owner, the decision is one that will save you significant amounts of money and ensure your property has a unique selling point for decades to come.

Electric Utility Savings

Within a decade you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars, as solar power reduces your energy bill. Electricity rates are increasing with each passing year and as renewable energy sources deplete, anyone who invested in solar systems in advance will reap the rewards. Most electric utility companies bill their customers using a tiered rate plan. This plan typically means the first 1000 kilo-watt hours consumed per month are billed at the lowest rate per kilowatt hour, and anything over that is charged at a higher price. Solar systems can replace your highest cost power first. We can discuss your ROI (Return On Investment) and financing options to ensure you make back your investment costs, as soon as possible.

Added Property Value

The addition of a solar energy system to a Trinity home will bring an increase in resale value. Evidence shows that a home’s value increases by $20,000 for every $1,000 saved in annual electricity. Potential buyers are far more likely to be interested in a house with a pre-installed solar system, knowing the vast savings they’ll make.


With today’s federal tax incentives, there’s no better time to go solar. Tax credits can provide a substantial portion of the total solar power system cost. The federal energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows you to take a tax credit equal to 26% of the total cost of your solar system, and due to the Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008, the federal ITC remains available through 2020.


We can provide various types of solar power systems. Whether you want a backup plan for a grid failure or cheaper kWh – we’ve got you covered. We can build a high-quality power solution tailored to your property and your needs through the finest workmanship in Trinity , FL.

We Offer:

Off Grid Solar (Micro Grids)

We have extensive experience in designing and installing off-grid solar power systems, which we like to call ‘Micro Grids.’ A Micro Grid is disconnected from the main grid and uses it’s own battery storage system. We can design it so you have the means to use energy throughout the year, even in the darker months. Off Grid Solar is perfect for anyone who desires their very own standalone energy system.

Grid-Tied Solar with Backup Battery

This hybrid Solar System design allows you to give and take energy from the grid, while also having a system in place that will enable you to use electricity even when the grid is down. When the hurricane season next hits, and there’s a blackout – you’ll still have your lights on. A grid-tied solar with backup battery is perfect for commercial properties that need a backup system for when the grid fails.

On Grid Solar Systems

This system allows you to make huge savings on your electricity bill by selling energy back to your power company during peak sun hours. Your Net Metering system will let you earn money during the more expensive hours of the day, and only spend on grid solar energy during the cheaper evening times. Grid-tied solar systems are designed to meet a kWh consumption and will not provide power to loads in the event of an outage due to restrictions. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to save thousands on their energy bills and use more clean energy!

Hire Solar Power Installation in Trinity , FL

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” has worked over the past decade to install eight megawatts of solar panels across the state (that’s over 26,000 panels). We strive daily to exceed expectations, by delivering a special experience to our clients, with premium products backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.