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Providing solar panels to all of Florida.

Solar panels are what we do. Whether your project is in Miami, Jacksonville, Daytona, Orlando, Gainesville, Tampa,
Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Lutz, Fort Myers or Key West, we are there to assist you in getting your electricity from the sun.

From solar panel sales, system design, permitting, installation, rebate filling assistance, (and in the unlikely event of an issue) Service.
Our sales and installation territory covers the entire state of Florida.

From design to commissioning F.P.S. will take you through each step of owning your own solar panel system.


With so many choices on the market today selecting the proper components for your investment can be confusing and costly if you are not careful.

By using quality equipment, a site specific design approved by an engineer, and most importantly qualified installers insures you see the returns you expected from this exciting investment.

When you are selecting the solar panels for your system be sure to do your homework. With over 14 years of solar experience and 4 megawatts of PV installed and maintained here in FL we have seen firsthand what works well and are confident in our product partners;

Solarworld Panels are backed by over 40 years of solar manufacturing experience which is the longest track record in the industry.
Mono cells, anti reflective glass, self cleaning, reinforced frames, +5 watts power sorting, and a 25 year linear power output guarantee.

Why we recommend SOLARWORLD?


In our opinion Enphase Micro Inverters are a great option for residential and small commercial systems and not just for shady/low light conditions. Boasting a 25 year warranty to match the solar panel’s output guarantee, 8% more production than a string inverter, and free module level monitoring. The cost being the only drawback, once you purchase the inverters, trunk cabling, hardware, added labor, and Envoy you are looking at close to double the cost of a string inverter.

SMA SOLAR INVERTERS have one of the longest track records in the solar industry across the world, the new TL line achieves record efficiency and also comes with an emergency power outlet which will supply 110V to an outlet in the event of an outage.

Racking and flashings are just as important as the modules and inverters, protecting your roof against leaks and keeping the solar panels on the roof in the event of a hurricane are where these two items come in.

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How Much Can
Solar Save?

Over the last few years utility rates have skyrocketed more than 23.5%. Solar is up to 187% cheaper than purchasing power from the utility company! By going solar you can actually make money instead of throwing it away. The higher the utility bill the more money your solar earns.

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