Why You Should Act NOW to Get Solar in Palm Harbor

Why You Should Act NOW to Get Solar in Palm Harbor
You can potentially save 40% on solar panels in Palm Harbor right now thanks to a bunch of incentives including Federal Tax Credits.

You can potentially save 40% on solar panels in Palm Harbor right now thanks to a bunch of incentives including Federal Tax Credits. When coupled with the rapidly rising cost of utility bills, you could save thousands of dollars by starting your solar installation now.

Florida Power Services ‘The Solar Power Company’ can get your installation started fast following an efficient and thorough planning process. With over 25 years of experience, we’re highly successful and highly rated.

Here are the top reasons we urge you to start your solar installation in Palm Harbor now:

Solar in Palm Harbor Is Less Than Half the Cost of Utility Power!

Did you know that solar panels in Palm Harbor work out at half the cost of using utility power?

That’s because utility power is continuing to rise in costs (and it’ll only get worse with the coming climate crisis and energy crisis)!

Even before we get into tax credits and incentives, there is proof in the calculations that you can save tens of thousands of dollars by powering your home with solar panels in Palm Harbor!

Here’s a look at an estimated cost breakdown for an average solar installation in Palm Harbor:

Utility Power Solar Power (Loan Financing)
Monthly Average Cost $316 Utility Bill $280 estimated loan payment
Rising Cost of Utility Power 5% 5%
Utility Interconnection Fee $20 $20
10 Year Cost $53,250 $31,200
20 Year Cost $139,988 $62,400
25 Year Cost $202,057 $81,120
% of Savings 0% 60% over utility

You Can Save Up to 40% Through Tax Credits (And Save Thousands)!

Anyone installing solar panels in Palm Harbor should be aware of the stunning savings that can be made via Federal Tax Credits. The estimated average value of saving is $17,500!

The system is made by the government to promote clean energy and it is an incredible deal for anyone investing in solar in 2023 and 2024!

Put simply, you get a reduction on your federal tax bill at 40% of the cost of your solar installation costs! That is often thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars!

In 2023, the Federal Solar Tax Credit is set at 30% but by using Florida Power Services you can qualify for the extra 10% ‘solar domestic content adder’.

This additional tax credit is for solar installations that meet domestic requirements of one of the two following options:

Option A) Domestically Produced Hardware:

  • 100% iron and steel used must be manufactured in the United States.
  • Manufactured goods must be initially 40% US manufactured, including:
    • Solar Panels
    • Inverters
    • Electrical Gear

Option B) Imported Products

  • Imported products can be used if U.S. products are not of satisfactory quality or not in stock, OR;
  • Imported products can be used if the U.S. products would increase the project cost by more than 25%.

Florida Power Services ‘The Solar Power Company’ ticks these boxes, as we use both U.S. steel and iron and imported components that all meet the necessary product quality requirements.

Feel free to contact Florida Power Services ‘The Solar Power Company’ today for a free consultation so we can get you started!


Beautiful Layouts with Black-on-Black Panels and Racking

Residents and business owners in Palm Harbor benefit from stunning new black-on-black solar panels and racking thanks to Florida Power Services’ new stock.

These all-black solar panels look super stylish and will stand out from the rest. The all-black design creates a uniform look, which helps it blend in with the other roof materials such as black racking.

If you want style and curb appeal, go with black-on-black solar panels in Palm Harbor!


25-Year Manufacturers Warranty on Equipment

Palm Harbor solar panel installers can enjoy a fantastic 25-year manufacturer warranty, thanks to the solar equipment manufacturers we use.

If you’re concerned that your investment might need renewing in a few years, worry not as this great warranty means any break downs and manufacturing defects will be resolved by the manufacturers for 25 years! Think how long 25 years ago was. Now think about that distance again for 25 years. That’s an impressive duration.

Protect Yourself From the Ever-Rising Cost of Utility Power

Utility power costs are rising. Every year. In Florida, the bills have tripled since 2020. In 2023, in a single year, the average TECO customer saw their annual electricity costs rise by $492!

These relentless changes are tiring and can set you back thousands of dollars. We get the pain as much as you.

Going solar in Palm Harbor is an easy way around this as you can escape any rise in utility power costs, as you’ll be generating electricity for yourself, on your own property!

Better still, you can actually make money by selling excess energy back to the grid – through net metering.

Net metering is accessible for all solar installers in Palm Harbor (thanks to last year’s HB741 bill being voted against). Put simply, when you generate energy that you don’t use, the utility company can buy it back off you! It’s free money!

Install Solar Panels in Palm Harbor, Florida

If you want to install solar panels in Palm Harbor, FL then contact us today. Florida Power Services ‘The Solar Power Company’ is a fully licensed and insured solar installer with over 25 years of experience.

Contact Us Today!

Whether you have a residential property or a commercial property, we can efficiently install a solar system design that makes the neighbors jealous and give you big savings over the years.

We also can assist with helping you gain solar financing thanks to our partnerships with local financing companies.

Don’t forget that now is the time to act to save 40% through federal tax credits. Lock in your price now, before it’s too late! Apply for a Fixed Rate Solar Loan Today!

Disclaimer: Florida Power Services and this blog should not be used as tax or financial planning advice. Contact your accountant for the best advice relevant to you.

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Over the last few years utility rates have skyrocketed more than 23.5%. Solar is up to 187% cheaper than purchasing power from the utility company! By going solar you can actually make money instead of throwing it away. The higher the utility bill the more money your solar earns.

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