Guide to Installing Solar in Sarasota
This guide to installing solar panels in Sarasota, Florida, should help you get a clear understanding so you can make the right decision.

Guide to Installing Solar in Sarasota

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Installing solar panels in Sarasota should be done with the assistance of a reputable Sarasota installation company. However, with a return on investment so important in the solar world, you can’t just go in blindly. This guide to installing solar panels in Sarasota, Florida, should help you get a clear understanding so you can make the right decision for your vision and finances.

Is it Worth Installing Solar in Sarasota, FL?

Sarasota and the rest of Florida provide one of the best locations in the U.S. to install solar panels. That’s thanks to a blend of consistent year-round sunlight and various incentives.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Sarasota?

As of May 2023, Sarasota’s average solar panel cost is $2.56 per watt, which is lower than the U.S. average of $3.00 per watt.

With Federal Solar Tax Credits you could save 30% on your total installation costs. Please contact us today for a full quote relevant to your vision.

What Type of Solar Panels Do I Need?

There are dozens of solar manufacturers on the market of different qualities. We advise you to trust your solar installer’s preferred panel option. We recommend:

  • Q Cells (U.S.)
  • Canadian Solar (Canadian)
  • Hyundai (S Korea)

You can also choose between:

  • Black on black (typically a higher price)
  • Blue, silver, white

How Big Should My Solar Panel System Be in Sarasota?

Do I Need Solar Batteries in Sarasota?

  • The choice over installing solar batteries is down to personal preference. We generally advise them, but they are not essential.
  • Solar batteries store solar energy so that you have solar energy on cloudy days, or when the grid is down.
  • Required for off-grid solar configurations.
  • Battery banks must be sized carefully for off-grid performance.
  • Please refer to our solar battery sizing chart.

What Type of Solar Batteries Should I Get?

  • Florida Power Services ‘The Solar Power Company’ recommends Enphase Encharge Batteries.
  • Enphase’s seamless communication between batteries and solar panels makes monitoring and use easy.
  • Reliable and reputable brand with future-proof solutions.
  • Their easy-to-use app allows for live monitoring.

What Other Solar Components Do I Need?

Installing solar panels in Sarasota requires various other solar components including:

  • Solar inverters
  • Solar racking
  • Solar mounting
  • Solar batteries (optional)

We will take care of the planning and design so you get the best system and components for your solar vision.

Does Sarasota Have Net Metering and What Is It?

How to Get Solar Financing in Sarasota, Florida?

You can buy solar panels outright with cash, but there are also various routes to financing support:

  • Use a loan, such as a home improvement loan or home equity loan.
  • Use one of Florida Power Services’ financial plans provided by our partnership with local Solar Financing Companies.
  • Choose from 3 financial plans.
  • Low, fixed monthly payments and competitive interest rates.
  • Own a solar system for no money out of pocket!

What About My Roof?

  • When installing solar panels in Sarasota, your roof should be under 15 years old
  • Firstly, walk the perimeter of your home and inspect the ground for shingle granules.
  • A roof replacement may be required, but in many cases, it’s not.
  • The size, shape and angle of your roof can affect solar energy generation and therefore solar panel configuration.
  • Mounting and racking will be required to secure the panels to your roof, all installed by our expert and reputable craftsmen.

What Solar Incentives Are There in Sarasota?

Sarasota solar panel owners can benefit from solar incentives at both a local and federal level.

These include:

  • Federal Tax Credits
  • Sales Tax Exemptions
  • Property Tax Exemptions

Federal Tax Credits

Our customers regularly save thousands of dollars on their Sarasota solar installations thanks to Federal tax credits:

  • Federal tax credits provide a reduction on your income tax bill.
  • For example, $2,000 of Federal tax credits = $2,000 less required income tax.
  • 40% of your solar installation can qualify and be claimed on your federal income taxes.
  • There is no maximum amount that you can claim.
  • Rolls over to the next year if needed!
  • The current rate of 40% is available until 2033 when it will drop to 36%.
  • On a $30,000 solar installation, you would save $12,000!

Learn more in our Florida Solar Tax Credits Guide.

Sales Tax Exemption

Sarasota solar panel installers are exempt from paying the 6% sales tax on their new panels (Florida’s Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption). This has existed since 1997.

Property Tax Exemption

Your home’s value could also increase with the 100% property tax exemption.

This exemption allows you to remove the added value of the solar panels from the valuation of your home for tax purposes. So while your property’s value is actually higher, it’s not for your tax bill.

On average you can save $15,000 thanks to this exemption!

What Maintenance Do Solar Panels Need?

Solar panels generally require minimal to no maintenance. However, it is recommended to clean the panels every year to ensure maximum efficiency (especially after storms).

Should you hit any problems, Florida Power Services provides ongoing maintenance under our warranties.

Buy Solar Panels in Sarasota, Florida Today

If you want to buy solar panels in Sarasota, FL then look no further!

Florida Power Services ‘The Solar Power Company’ is a highly rated, fully certified local solar company that can help you install a dream, rooftop solar system. We also provide financing and plans to give you the best return on investment.

We welcome you to contact us today or call (727) 667-9955 to install solar panels in Sarasota, FL. The quote you get will be kept!

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