Potential customers should get in now while Florida's solar prices in 2022 are currently at some of the best we've seen for years.

2022 Florida Solar Price and Shortage Updates

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While Florida’s solar prices in 2022 are currently at some of the best we’ve seen for years, equipment shortages mean potential customers should get in now before it’s too late.

Florida’s Solar Installation Prices Are Cheaper Than Ever

Solar panels and solar installations in Florida are currently up to 300% cheaper than utility power over the course of 25 years when you factor in utility rate hikes.

When coupled with Florida Power Services ‘no money out of pocket financing’ options, the demand for grid-tied solar is also at an all-time high.

But be warned – if customers don’t act now, they could face significant delays, price hikes and canceled projects later in 2022 or 2023.

Floria Solar Panel Manufacturing Shortages

Raw Commodities Shortages

As COVID-related delays are still causing solar equipment shortages worldwide, raw material prices are soaring as supply shortages continue.

Raw materials such as polysilicon (used in the manufacturing of PV solar panels) are particularly hard to come by and, when coupled with the sudden surge in solar demand, have skyrocketed solar material prices.

There’s also a lack of silver, copper, aluminum and glass.

Read on to see how Florida Power Services ensures our customers aren’t footing the bill.

Inverters and High Wattage Solar Panel Shortages

Manufacturing shortages are now affecting higher wattage panels as well as inverter options. As we get further along in the year, module choices and wattage will be less than optimal. Higher wattage modules will be gone and we’ll only have 345-370 wattage options.

Supply Chain Halts

The global supply chain bottleneck has only made things worse. COVIDs factory closures, import tariffs, trade actions are all to blame. As well as an increased effort to avoid forced labor exploitation in China. Plus, sanctions on Russia’s gas exports are now causing nations across the world to focus on green energy solutions, such as solar. So, the demand is up!

The United States and Florida’s solar industries are particularly feeling the heat of the tense scheduling impacts.

With supply chain movement slow, there is a lack of materials to go around. Pick your Florida solar installation company wisely to avoid having a canceled project.

Interest Rates Rising

As the Federal Reserve looks to tackle rising inflation with stricter monetary policies, the solar industry faces higher financing costs due to rising borrowing rates.

While Florida Solar Power Services is protecting their customer’s projects, many installation companies face increased cancellations and rising rates.

Labor Shortages

Florida’s solar industry is also facing skilled labor shortages thanks to our old nemesis, COVID-19.

Construction contractors are struggling to hire skilled labor employees to keep up with the increased solar demand.

At Florida Solar Power services, we’re proud to have an experienced and extremely capable team of craftsmen and installers who remain committed despite the pandemic’s lingering effects.

How Florida Power Services Is Keeping Its Price Quotes Down

Throughout the industry, solar price increases have been accelerating since the summer of 2021, and are forecasted to continue this trend through next year.

We’ve been working diligently to try and stay ahead of all these changes and stick to our equipment and price quotes. It’s been very difficult in these past couple of months, between the pricing increases and manufacturing shortages.

All our quotes remain valid for 7 days after issuance, prices are being updated weekly.

Weekly meetings with our manufacturers are being held to stay abreast of these changes, to be sure we’re providing you with accurate information on available equipment.

We Won’t Give You Nasty Surprises, Like Others

Other large Florida solar companies have continued selling unavailable equipment without factoring in the price increases. This will either lead to change orders, cancellations or them going out of business once the errors all catch up on their balance sheet.

We’ve seen this happen all too often in the past to some of our competitors. Brevard Solar, for example, sold under costs, signed contracts and took deposits until the day they turned their phones off.

You Can Trust Our Experience

Florida Power Services will not make these mistakes. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve seen it all. We’re very well versed in the marketplace and our customer satisfaction is well known throughout the State of Florida.

We’ve helped thousands of clients save on their utility expenses using quality equipment, back with the best warranties in the industry.

We will prevent nasty surprises and ensure we don’t sell you something that isn’t coming.

Want Net Metering? You Must Get Grandfathered in Before July 2022!

Florida’s net metering programs are set to change, no thanks to a controversial bill that has been passed.

This will affect how utilities compensate you for your excess solar production – one of the best things about solar in Florida.

These changes will be active from July 2022.

To be grandfathered into the existing Florida net metering agreement, you must have your utility interconnection application submitted by June 30th!

Do not delay! Act now! Contact Florida Power Services for more information to get started.

Act Now for 2022’s Solar Federal Tax Credit

The Federal Tax Credit is set to reduce another 4% from Dec 31st, 2022. This is your chance to save thousands of dollars on Florida solar installation prices. If you leave it too late, you could miss out! Don’t delay!

2022’s Solar Tax Credit will reduce solar panel costs by 26%!

26% is a lot for solar panel installations in Florida. If your installation is valued at $30,000 you could save $7,800 in 2022!

Contact Our Florida Solar Installation Team Today

If you’re interested in starting a Florida solar installation, then contact us today so we can avoid you facing solar price rakes in the coming months.

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is the Sunshine’s states leading solar power installer and would love to help you save thousands of dollars in 2022, through solar tax credits, high-quality designs and financing.

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