Tampa Solar Companies: How to Know Who to Trust
With such a large variety of Tampa Solar companies, it can be hard to know which solar installer to trust. The last thing you want is to be scammed.

Tampa Solar Companies: How to Know Who to Trust

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With such a large variety of Tampa Solar companies, it can be hard to know which solar installer to trust. The last thing you want is to be scammed when trying to follow your clean energy dream. Using these tips, you can find a company to install solar panels that last decades and provide a good return on investment.

How Do You Know If a Tampa Solar Company Is Legit?

First up, make sure that the Tampa solar company is legit!

Back in 2020, homeowners in Brevard County were left with useless roof mountings and debt after their dodgy solar panel company went bankrupt and ghosted their customers. Look for these things when choosing an installer:

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They Have Experience

Do they have experience? The best Tampa solar companies will have considerable solar industry experience. Recent start-ups are rarely worth the risk.

Experienced solar installers make installations every week and won’t make mistakes that leave you screaming for help.

Florida Power Services ‘The Solar Power Company’ has over 20 years of experience, with a strong reputation in and around Tampa Bay.

They’re Local to Tampa

There are many nationally operating solar companies, like Tesla. But they’re not local to Tampa. They don’t know the specific demands of Tampa, its weather and hurricane risks. We advise that you go for a solar installation company that operates in Florida, ideally with offices and an address in Tampa.

They’re Fully Certified and Qualified

When browsing on Google for ‘Tampa solar companies‘, do not accept anyone that isn’t fully certified and qualified.

Head to their website and look at their footer, it should say:

  • Certified Solar PV Installer by “The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners”
  • Florida State Certified Solar Contractor
  • Approved by the American National Standards Institute
  • Certified Engineers

If it doesn’t show these certifications, then get out of there!

They Use Their Own Engineer Team

There are dozens of companies in the solar industry that hand the job over to third-party contractors (we’re looking at you Elon). When that happens, the quality of work tends to go down and when problems arise, it’s hard to get them solved.

Look for Tampa solar companies that hire their own engineering teams, so that the people on your roof are trusted craftsmen.

They Have Great Google Reviews

Google is your friend when it comes to reviews. Don’t accept anything less than 4.5 stars. Read recent reviews and if there aren’t any red flags, then you can trust them!

How Are They As People?

Customer service on day one is a good indicator of the service you’ll get later. Go with your gut. Do they seem like nice folk who have intentions of giving you good service? Or do they use pressure tactics to get your money asap?

Our owner, Joe, regularly speaks to customers directly. He lets them know they’re in safe hands. We want our customers to have a great experience, as it’s a dream investment after all. But we know some companies outsource their calls to third parties or treat customers as numbers, rather than people.

How Are Their Design Plans?

The design and permitting phase reveals a lot and is a great time to see if you can really trust them.

The Tampa solar company you’re talking to should provide a detailed plan, with an agreed system size. They’ll likely ask for your preferences on some design factors, but generally, they will use their expertise to make a design that is optimal for your location – without outsourcing!

They should also acquire the relevant permits and point you toward any Florida solar incentives (which can significantly reduce your up-front costs). Upfront costs are normal by the way.

If they’ve done all of this, you’re in a safe spot.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed?

These steps can further ensure you don’t get scammed into using an untrustworthy Tampa solar company.

Do They Do Repairs and Ongoing Care?

Only use a Tampa solar company that offers Solar Maintenance and repairs as a service. That shows they take care of their work over time and don’t just hand it over to other people. This can reassure you that when things go wrong, they’ll be over to your place swiftly to make the appropriate repairs.

Do They Provide Long Warranties?

Trust solar energy companies in Tampa will offer impressive warranties. Florida Power Services, for example, offer a 25-year warranty on all equipment and 10 years on installation-related defects.

They should also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with your installation.

Warranties like these can save you thousands of dollars over the years.

Are They Posing as a Government or Utility Agency?

No trusted Tampa solar company is a government or utility company representative. So if they make that claim, run!

However, there are legit solar installers that can help you receive tax credits or other incentives. These companies are legit. In fact, a solar panel company that knows the latest incentives is a good indicator that they’ve got your best interests in mind.

Unrealistic Prices

If it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is! High-pressure tactics with unusually low prices are a big red flag. These installers usually skip town with your money and never finish the job, or they’re cutting back in key areas such as roof brackets.

We suggest you do some research for the average solar panel price, or get multiple quotes.

Leasing Offers

Don’t trust Tampa solar companies that want you to lease solar panels instead of buying them. It’s not a good option, as you won’t benefit from any of the tax incentives or added value to your home. It’s just a trick that solar installers use to grab your cash.

How Do I Know if I’m Getting a Good Deal on Solar?

The best way to know if you’re getting a good solar deal in Tampa is to:

1. Do price research

2. Get quotes

3. Talk about financing and return on investment (ROI).

4. You have the option to use net metering (where you sell your excess energy back to the grid).

Remember that if a price is very low, that’s not always a good deal. You want a trusted company that uses the best components, batteries, materials and craftsmanship.

Statistics About Solar in Tampa

  • Tampa’s average annual solar AC output is 6296.68-kilowatt hours (AC).
  • March has the highest solar power output, with an average of 611.24 kWh.
  • The three average lowest solar output levels in Tampa are July, June and September.
  • Tampa has an average annual solar radiation value of 5.7-kilowatt hours per square meter per day.
  • Tampa gets around 246 days of sun per year.


Start Your Tampa Solar Installation Today!

If you want to use a trusted Tampa solar company, then look no further.

Florida Power Services ‘The Solar Power Company’ is a highly rated, fully certified local solar company that can help you install a dream, rooftop solar system. We also provide financing and plans to give you the best return on investment.

We welcome you to contact us today or call (727) 667-9955 to install solar panels in Tampa. The quote you get, will be kept!

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