Solar Cost Increase Feared Due to New Tariffs - Lock in Your Price Now!

Solar Cost Increase Feared Due to New Tariffs – Lock in Your Price Now!

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Many solar experts fear a dramatic rise in the cost of solar installation, ahead of potential new U.S. solar tariffs. This comes ahead of the “mid-term review” made by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), for President Donald Trump over his Section 201 tariffs. The U.S. Government attempted to boost U.S. manufacturing jobs by applying 30% tariffs to solar imports in 2018. The results have been mixed, with the U.S. solar industry at an all-time high, but costs increasing day by day.

Out of Reach Prices

Two years on and we are on the verge of these tariffs being refreshed, which could see solar costs skyrocket. Fears are so high that some U.S. solar companies have even been importing panels into warehouses, amongst reports that solar panels are hard to obtain. If the fears are to be true, the original tariffs could be restored – with an increase to 30%.

What would those high import tariffs that do to the solar industry? Violent changes and out of reach prices. As the prices for solar modules and cells drive up, that is likely to put solar out of reach of families, homeowners and small to medium-sized businesses.

Deja Vu? History Warns Us.

When the original tariff applications were filed, the number of solar panel imports into the U.S. exploded as solar companies aimed to navigate future costs. But despite their best efforts, developers and solar companies soon had to cancel and suspend a vast amount of solar projects. The result was increased costs and ruined solar dreams for homeowners and business owners. If these tariff increases are announced again, it’s likely to be the same scenario – devastatingly higher solar costs for consumers.

Lock-In Your Price Now

Invest While Costs Are Low!

If you’re one of the many people fearing the potential boom in solar costs for these upcoming tariff changes, the solution is simple – Don’t gamble. Lock in your price now.

By getting a quote for solar installation now, you can take advantage of the currently healthy solar costs before they painfully rise. Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) predicts that costs could go as high as 80-90% more than usual after the tariff changes. If you’re considering solar installation in Florida, we don’t believe it’s worth the risk of waiting. Contact Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” today to get started.

2020 Is the Time to Act

If you’re thinking, “I’ll wait a couple of years until the prices settle after the tariffs have kicked in,” then think again. 2020 is the time to act for solar installation in Florida thanks to Solar Tax Credits.

In 2020, you can save 26% on solar costs, but over the next two years, that figure will drop to 0%. In 2021, the savings will be just 20% and 0% in 2022. If your solar power installation in Florida costs $10,000, then you can receive Solar Tax Credits of $2600. 2020 may be the lowest we see the costs of solar for decades.

How is the Solar Industry Fighting the Tariffs?

The SEIA and other solar groups are continually communicating with the Government to show how damaging these tariffs are to the U.S. solar industry. Their goal is to keep solar at the forefront of new energy development and keep costs low for consumers by:

  • Making sure existing markets are open and strong.
  • Opening new markets.
  • Defending and pushing for federal and state solar tax incentives.
  • Promoting and encouraging the use of new technologies.

Facts About the High Costs of Solar Tariffs:

Section 201 Tariffs have divided opinion from the start, but the facts don’t lie about the adverse effects on the U.S. solar market since 2018:

  • 62,000 Solar industry workers have lost their jobs or have never been hired.
  • 10.5 gigawatts of solar capacity lost.
  • $19 billion in private sector investment lost.
  • U.S. solar module prices have risen to be among the highest in the world.
  • Solar panel prices are e43 – 57% more than the global average. This has caused an increase in prices for the American people.
  • Over 10.5 GW of solar installations will be canceled due to tariffs.
  • The SEIA predicts that 1.8 million homes could have been powered with the energy lost due to the tariffs.
  • Tariffs have stalled the U.S. progress in new energy development and climate issues.
  • CO2 emissions will rise by more than 26 million metric tons.
  • That equals approximately 5.5 million cars or seven coal plants.

Why Solar Over Other Clean Energy?

If the cost of Solar goes up, it may be easy to think about other alternative renewable energy sources. The truth is for property owners; nothing competes with Solar.

  • With net metering, you can make money from the excess energy that you feed back into the grid.
  • Solar Tax Credits for 26% savings in 2020.
  • Low-interest loans for financing solar power systems.
  • Limited negative impact on the environment.
  • Florida’s sunshine is ideal for solar power.
  • Functional, scaleable and easy to custom design.
  • 25+ Year Life Span, built for the future.
  • Storm durable.
  • Modern solar works in every season.
  • No noise or moving parts.
  • The ability to be 100% grid-independent.
  • Little to no maintenance.
  • Constantly improving technology and industry.

Find a Solar Installation Company in Florida, Near Me

The number one thing that solar owners regret is that they didn’t invest in it sooner. Please don’t spend the next decade regretting that you didn’t join the solar game when it was affordable. Early 2020 presents you with the chance to enjoy solar tax credits and a healthy solar economy – but it is an economy that is on the brink of out of reach prices.

Contact Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” today to get started on your Florida solar installation, to receive expert advice on financing and how we can make your home a clean energy home of the future. Lock in your price now, before it’s too late!

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