Why We Are Considered One of the Best Solar Companies in Florida

Investing in solar power can set your home up for the future while saving you thousands of dollars. However, it’s an investment where you can’t afford mistakes. From solar installation to solar financing, you need experience on your side. That’s what the best solar companies in Florida provide. With over 18 years of experience, we’re proud to be considered as one of them.

Investing in solar is a big decision. I appreciate the difficulties of researching the best solar companies in Florida and comparing apples with apples, so we’ve made it easy to understand:

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition?

We’re a NABCEP Certified Solar Installer

We’re proud to have been awarded certification as solar PV (photovoltaic) installation professionals from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The NABCEP is the most recognized certification any solar provider can be awarded. It requires rigorous training and engineering knowledge of the highest level. There are over 450 Solar companies in Florida, with only around 50 NABCEP certified. Don’t settle for anything less.

Note that only with a solar system installed by a NABCEP certified provider can you make money through net metering.

Florida State Certified and FSEC CERTIFIED

We’re also a Florida State Certified Solar Contractor, meaning we have a specialty license for photovoltaic systems and related equipment. Our FSEC certification required forty-hours of hands-on training at the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa.

Over 18 Years of Solar Experience in Florida

Since the early 2000s, we’ve been helping Florida residents and businesses go solar. We’ve installed over 10.5 million watts of solar energy on projects covering small homes to large commercial properties. We’ve been at the forefront of the solar rise in our state, which shows no signs of stopping.

Experience is everything when it comes to solar companies. The last thing you need is a provider that doesn’t operate smoothly or have the experience to handle problems that arise. That costs time and potentially thousands of dollars. We’re regularly chosen over competitors because we’re a safe pair of hands.

Unmatched Workmanship and Equipment

At Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company”, our team has the expertise to handle any solar installation or repair. From the initial consultation to the end, our policy is to provide the highest standard of craftsmanship found only in the best solar companies in Florida. We’ve seen it all, done it all and overcome every hurdle that’s faced us – unlike other Florida solar companies, we don’t buckle under pressure and always provide on time.

Unlike competitors, who may mostly deal with water heating, conventional electrics and gimmicky unproven technologies, we deal only with photovoltaic solar and battery storage, that’s our game.

From FL PE design, expedited permitting, world-class installation, utility interconnection application, and finally, commissioning your own renewable power plant – we’ll lead you through it.

We also use only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment. That means your solar installation will last for decades. Our solar panels, electronics, flashings and roof fixtures look incredible, endure violent storms and operate to the highest standards possible.

10-Year Installation Warranty

Only the best Florida solar companies provide long-term promises for repairs, glitches and faults. In the unlikely scenario that problems arise, we’ll quickly be over to fix it up and get your solar system producing energy again! Sadly, many providers cut out this policy, knowing that they’re setting their customers up for expensive disasters.

Outstanding Reviews

Naturally, you’ll be desperate for an outside opinion on us. On Google alone, we’ve received over 100 reviews with 5 stars across the board. It’s evidence of our commitment to customer service, quality craftsmanship and service that goes above and beyond.

  • 5 star reviews
  • Praise for engineers and customer service
  • No complaints
  • Quote and financing satisfaction
  • Thrilled customers

You Deal Directly With a Contractor

Unlike other contractors, we don’t hand you off to an independent sales company with little to no solar knowledge. That only leads to miscommunication or ignorance. That’s why you speak directly to the owner and the people working on your property—crystal clear communication, from start to finish.

Why 2020 Is The Time to Go Solar!

Whether you decide to use our services or not, we believe 2020 is set to have the lowest solar costs for decades to come. Don’t miss out. The time to act is now!

2020 Tax Credits Could Save You Thousands

2020 is the final year offering a massive 26% reduction on solar installations, as Federal Tax Credit reductions drop to 0% over the next two years. Thanks to 2020’s tax credits, you could save thousands of dollars. For example, if your installation costs $10,000, you can receive Solar Tax Credits of $2600 in 2020.

If your system isn’t interconnected by Dec 23rd, 2020, you risk losing 4% on your tax credit (up to $2,400 or more for residential).

Solar Industry Backlog

Because of COVID-19, the solar industry is facing a solar panel manufacturing backlog. That means the longer you wait; the fewer equipment choices are available. There is a fear a second wave could add to the delay. Our advice – don’t delayl. If you’re ready to go solar, then act fast!

COVID Turnaround Times

Planning reviews, permitting and inspection turnaround times are currently longer than usual because of COVID-19. If that causes you to miss the 2020 tax credits saving deadline, you could end up paying thousands of dollars more.

Getting ahead of the end of year rush will not only yield more savings, but you’ll also have one less thing to worry about during the holidays. The time to act is now.

Top Florida Solar Companies

We’re proud to be rated by our customers as one of the best solar companies in Florida. Now we’re ready to help you. If you want to go solar, we’ll guide you on the path to energy independence. You’ll save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your system, boost your property value and help fight the climate crisis. We just need your approval to get the ball rolling.

PACE Financing in Florida Now Available! No Money Out of Pocket!

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is delighted to announce that PACE financing is now available, allowing property owners without big budgets to install solar systems. If you’ve always wanted to go solar but couldn’t afford the upfront costs, then PACE Financing in Florida is the answer you’ve been waiting for!

No Upfront Costs. No Credit Checks. Instant Clean Energy.

What Is PACE Financing for Solar Power?

PACE Financing (Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing) is a financing model that allows property owners who wouldn’t usually be able to afford solar systems, to fund the costs of installation. The property owner is given the funds to cover expenses, which must be repaid over time through their property taxes.

Is PACE Financing a Loan?

No. Despite the similarities, PACE financing is not considered a loan as it is repaid through property taxes. This classifies it as a property assessment, not a loan.

What Can Pace Financing in Florida Fund?

PACE financing is designed to fund renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation and natural disaster protection. In the world of solar power, PACE financing can support:

  • Solar P.V. Systems and Solar Panels
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Solar Battery Banks
  • Solar Retrofits

How Does PACE Financing Work?

The process for PACE financing in Florida to install a solar systems is:

  • The PACE program is made possible by the State of Florida for local communities to implement as they wish. 60 cities are currently eligible for PACE financing in Florida.
  • Local communities make funds available to investors usually through the sale of municipal bonds.
  • An authorized PACE lender provides the funds to you (the property owner) to install a solar power system on your property.
  • Property owners repay the funds through an assessment attached to their annual property tax bill over the next 10-30 years.

The Benefits of PACE Financing in Florida

No Credit Checks.

PACE Financing in Florida can be perfect for anyone with bad credit. No credit checks are required. Unlike loans, mortgages or other financing options, your credit does not affect PACE financing. This provides all property owners the chance to upgrade to solar in Florida.

No Upfront Costs

PACE Financing levels the playing field, allowing those without big budgets to invest in clean, solar energy. PACE enables you to install a fully functional solar system in your home, without paying the upfront costs—instant clean energy and energy bill savings.

  • No Upfront Costs
  • Low-Interest Rates
  • Fixed Rates
  • Spread the costs over time (10-30 years)

Financing Is Tied to Your Property, Not Yourself

PACE Financing in Florida is not a personal debt. So if you decide to move and sell your property in the future, the “loan” stays with the property – not you. This is perfect for anyone unsure about their future but still wants solar energy.

Increase Your Property Value

With high-quality solar panels attached to the roof, your property will sell for more. In our experience, solar systems can boost property value by 5-figure values. That’s a lot more money for you, considering you never paid upfront!

PACE for Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners may be eligible for PACE Financing in Florida. We’ve seen a wide range of commercial property types receive PACE funding, including retail, offices, hospitality, industrial, churches and non-profit. This is a perfect opportunity to install commercial solar panels at your place of business.

Am I Eligible for PACE Financing in Florida?

PACE financing eligibility is determined by several criteria, including:

  • Applicants must be the legal owner of the property.
  • The property owner must have a good record of property tax payments.
  • The property cannot be subject to bankruptcy.
  • The property owner must not have a record of bankruptcy within the previous five years.
  • Investments must be above $2,500.

Is PACE Financing in Florida Right for Me?

You might still be wondering whether you and your property are suitable for PACE Financing in Florida. We advise you always to do your homework:

  • Make sure you understand what you’re signing up for.
  • Only use a reputable and certified solar contractor.
  • Know the interest rates, project costs, fees and payment terms.
  • Ensure you can pay for the increase in property tax.

If you’re interested or have any questions, then contact us today. We’ll help determine your eligibility for PACE financing and see how much money solar can help you save.

2020 – The Time to Act is Now!

2020 is the final year you can get a massive 26% reduction on Solar Installations in Florida, as Federal Tax Credit reductions drop to 0% over the next two years.

As an example, if your solar power installation in Florida costs $10,000, you can receive Solar Tax Credits of $2600 in 2020. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

Don’t Let COVID-19 Delay Your Installation into 2021

Solar Panel manufacturers across the world are facing huge shortages due to COVID-19. That’s caused a supply chain issue for solar power installers across Florida and the U.S.

Permitting, supply chain issues, construction and utility interconnection could easily be pushed past 2020 cut off date and cost you thousands of dollars. If you wait until the end of the year, it could be too late to receive those fantastic 26% reductions.

All signs suggest 2020 solar installation prices are the most affordable they will be for decades. Don’t miss out. The time to act is now!

Am I Eligible for 2020’s Solar Tax Credits?

This year we’ve helped many new solar energy customers save thousands of dollars. If you’re wondering if you’re eligible for the tax credits check below:

Residential Solar Saving Requirements

  • The solar installation MUST start in 2020 and be providing energy for your home.
  • You must be the property owner, not a tenant.
  • You must own the solar panels, not be leasing them (With PACE, you’re the owner).
  • All electrical and fire code requirements must be met.
  • A solar system purchased with loans or PACE Financing is eligible.

Commercial Solar Saving Requirements:

  • The solar installation MUST begin in 2020 and be providing energy for your property.
  • The solar system must be used by someone that is paying U.S. income taxes.
  • The above does not apply to schools, charities, churches and other tax-exempt organizations.
  • The solar energy generated cannot be used to heat a pool.
  • Tax credits are eligible with PACE financing.

PACE Financing in Florida for Solar Power

PACE Financing in Florida has opened the door for all to receive solar power. As the leading solar installer in Florida, we can guide you through the application process before installing a solar power system that saves you thousands of dollars. Remember, 2020 is the time to act!

Solar Cost Increase Feared Due to New Tariffs – Lock in Your Price Now!

Many solar experts fear a dramatic rise in the cost of solar installation, ahead of potential new U.S. solar tariffs. This comes ahead of the “mid-term review” made by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), for President Donald Trump over his Section 201 tariffs. The U.S. Government attempted to boost U.S. manufacturing jobs by applying 30% tariffs to solar imports in 2018. The results have been mixed, with the U.S. solar industry at an all-time high, but costs increasing day by day.

Out of Reach Prices

Two years on and we are on the verge of these tariffs being refreshed, which could see solar costs skyrocket. Fears are so high that some U.S. solar companies have even been importing panels into warehouses, amongst reports that solar panels are hard to obtain. If the fears are to be true, the original tariffs could be restored – with an increase to 30%.

What would those high import tariffs that do to the solar industry? Violent changes and out of reach prices. As the prices for solar modules and cells drive up, that is likely to put solar out of reach of families, homeowners and small to medium-sized businesses.

Deja Vu? History Warns Us.

When the original tariff applications were filed, the number of solar panel imports into the U.S. exploded as solar companies aimed to navigate future costs. But despite their best efforts, developers and solar companies soon had to cancel and suspend a vast amount of solar projects. The result was increased costs and ruined solar dreams for homeowners and business owners. If these tariff increases are announced again, it’s likely to be the same scenario – devastatingly higher solar costs for consumers.

Lock-In Your Price Now

Invest While Costs Are Low!

If you’re one of the many people fearing the potential boom in solar costs for these upcoming tariff changes, the solution is simple – Don’t gamble. Lock in your price now.

By getting a quote for solar installation now, you can take advantage of the currently healthy solar costs before they painfully rise. Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) predicts that costs could go as high as 80-90% more than usual after the tariff changes. If you’re considering solar installation in Florida, we don’t believe it’s worth the risk of waiting. Contact Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” today to get started.

2020 Is the Time to Act

If you’re thinking, “I’ll wait a couple of years until the prices settle after the tariffs have kicked in,” then think again. 2020 is the time to act for solar installation in Florida thanks to Solar Tax Credits.

In 2020, you can save 26% on solar costs, but over the next two years, that figure will drop to 0%. In 2021, the savings will be just 20% and 0% in 2022. If your solar power installation in Florida costs $10,000, then you can receive Solar Tax Credits of $2600. 2020 may be the lowest we see the costs of solar for decades.

How is the Solar Industry Fighting the Tariffs?

The SEIA and other solar groups are continually communicating with the Government to show how damaging these tariffs are to the U.S. solar industry. Their goal is to keep solar at the forefront of new energy development and keep costs low for consumers by:

  • Making sure existing markets are open and strong.
  • Opening new markets.
  • Defending and pushing for federal and state solar tax incentives.
  • Promoting and encouraging the use of new technologies.

Facts About the High Costs of Solar Tariffs:

Section 201 Tariffs have divided opinion from the start, but the facts don’t lie about the adverse effects on the U.S. solar market since 2018:

  • 62,000 Solar industry workers have lost their jobs or have never been hired.
  • 10.5 gigawatts of solar capacity lost.
  • $19 billion in private sector investment lost.
  • U.S. solar module prices have risen to be among the highest in the world.
  • Solar panel prices are e43 – 57% more than the global average. This has caused an increase in prices for the American people.
  • Over 10.5 GW of solar installations will be canceled due to tariffs.
  • The SEIA predicts that 1.8 million homes could have been powered with the energy lost due to the tariffs.
  • Tariffs have stalled the U.S. progress in new energy development and climate issues.
  • CO2 emissions will rise by more than 26 million metric tons.
  • That equals approximately 5.5 million cars or seven coal plants.

Why Solar Over Other Clean Energy?

If the cost of Solar goes up, it may be easy to think about other alternative renewable energy sources. The truth is for property owners; nothing competes with Solar.

  • With net metering, you can make money from the excess energy that you feed back into the grid.
  • Solar Tax Credits for 26% savings in 2020.
  • Low-interest loans for financing solar power systems.
  • Limited negative impact on the environment.
  • Florida’s sunshine is ideal for solar power.
  • Functional, scaleable and easy to custom design.
  • 25+ Year Life Span, built for the future.
  • Storm durable.
  • Modern solar works in every season.
  • No noise or moving parts.
  • The ability to be 100% grid-independent.
  • Little to no maintenance.
  • Constantly improving technology and industry.

Find a Solar Installation Company in Florida, Near Me

The number one thing that solar owners regret is that they didn’t invest in it sooner. Please don’t spend the next decade regretting that you didn’t join the solar game when it was affordable. Early 2020 presents you with the chance to enjoy solar tax credits and a healthy solar economy – but it is an economy that is on the brink of out of reach prices.

Contact Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” today to get started on your Florida solar installation, to receive expert advice on financing and how we can make your home a clean energy home of the future. Lock in your price now, before it’s too late!

Dunedin 11.5 kW Grid-Tied Home Solar System

The Solar Specialists at Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” completed a customized  11.5 kW Solar system for another happy customer. This Dunedin 11.5 kW Grid-Tied Home Solar System was designed to maximize solar power output while being aesthetically pleasing. Placement of inverters, electrical conduit, and photovoltaic panels was a priority to the homeowner. 

Dunedin Solar Power System
11.5 kW Dunedin Grid Tied Solar System

Proven Quality Solar Technology

This Dunedin Solar Power System features two SMA Sunny Boy inverters. Florida Power Services is confident offering SMA’s field-proven solar technology to our valued customers. The Sunny Boy’s provide multiple independent input channels, each with SMA’s OptiTrac™ Global Peak, allowing us to design hundreds of stringing configurations for flexible system design while solving the challenges of complex roofs and shading. SMA’s 30-year history and status as the #1 global inverter manufacturer instills homeowners with peace of mind and the long-term security they demand from a photovoltaic investment. Additionally, with integrated online monitoring, our friends in Dunedin will be able to monitor their new system in real-time and see their savings stack up! Learn more about SMA here.

High-Performance Sleek Solar Design

At Florida Power Services “The Solar Specialists” we understand the importance of providing a system that is the envy of the neighborhood, never an eyesore! When selecting panels for a residential or commercial project we look at a number of factors. Some key factors include performance output, quality of materials used, availability of panels, aesthetics and manufacturer location. This 11.5 kW Dunedin Home Solar System features 36 black high efficiency LG NeON modules. Bolstering an impressive 25-year warranty, this Dunedin Home Solar System will make a return on investment in seven to eight years and solar power production for more than 25 years!

Sunny Boy Inverters Dunedin Home Solar
SMA Sunny Boy Inverters

Tax Season Dunedin, Don’t Forget about Solar!

Solar power systems are becoming more and more popular, due to the savings made and the ecological impacts. The 30% tax credit has boosted solar installations throughout the country as property owners take advantage of the huge savings. Our friends in Dunedin made the right choice and took advantage of the 30% tax credit before the end of the year! Starting 2020 the tax credit will be reduced to 24%. 

Dunedin Solar Power System
11.5 kW Dunedin Grid Tied Solar System

Check out more of our residential installs here! There is a reason that we are the top-rated solar company in the Greater Tampa Area! Our expert team of NABCEP Certified design professionals and installers will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are getting the right home solar power system to fit your unique needs! Grid-Tied Solar Power is ideal for any home or business owner who wants to save thousands on their energy bills. If you fear the unstoppable rise of electricity costs, then installing a Grid-Tied System will set you up for a future where you have minimal costs and a home of tomorrow. Whether you are looking for a grid-tied home solar, battery backup, off the grid or commercial solar system. The professionals at Florida Power Services will take care of you! With our new instant quote tool, it is easier than ever to get a quote from Florida Power Services. Don’t forget to give us a like on Facebook!

How 2019’s Tax Credits Reduce Solar Power Costs by 30%

Anyone investing in Solar Power in 2019 is set to benefit from a 30% federal tax credit. But sadly, 2019 is the last year and the last chance to make those savings. If you’ve been considering investing in solar, there has never been a better time to get started than now!

Solar power owners could effectively receive a 30% discount. Solar power experts are estimating, on average, a massive $13,500 saving. It’s unlikely we’ll see such an opportunity again, with tax credit reductions decreasing to 0% over the next few years.

Solar power systems are becoming more and more popular, due to the savings made and the ecological impacts. The 30% tax credit has boosted solar installations throughout the country as property owners take advantage of the huge savings.

Is There Enough Time To be Eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit?

If you act fast, yes. But to be eligible for the tax credits the installation will have to start within 2019 – so act now!

  • The tax credit percentage is set by the year when the solar installation began.
  • The tax credit is eligible even if the installation is not completed in 2019.
  • The solar installation must be fully operational by December 31, 2023.

The best solar power companies will be able to work fast and ensure installation is at least started in 2019. This will make you eligible for those tax credits. These solar companies are often very educated on the savings and financing side of the job. They may even offer a solar financing service to ensure you make the quickest return from your investment.

In most residential cases, a solar installation can be as quick as two days. It’s worth contacting your local solar power company to see how they can help you with that 2020 deadline coming fast.

What are Solar Tax Credits?

Federal solar tax credits allow property owners to deduct up to 30% of the cost of the solar installation in the U.S. Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, there is no limit to the value of a system which is eligible. It’s a great chance to make savings for solar owners, big and small. 2019 has seen a 30% tax credit extended until the end of the year. Over the next few years, the tax credit percentage will reduce to 0%.

How Much Can I Save Through Solar Tax Credits?

Solar power owners can effectively receive a 30% reduction on a solar power installation in 2019 thanks to the federal solar tax credits, regardless of how much the system costs.

For example, if your solar power installation costs $10,000, then you can receive a 30% tax credit of $3,000. This is proving hugely popular for Clearwater solar power and St. Petersburg solar power investors, with vast savings being made for all.

  • Help make solar power installation more affordable.
  • It encourages property owners to buy their own solar systems. Leasing does not qualify for tax credits.
  • It helps boost the solar power industry.

Federal Tax Credits Can Help Reduce the Costs of:

  • Solar Power Installation Fees
  • Solar Equipment
  • Shipping Costs
  • Engineer Fees
  • Electrician Fees
  • Roofing Fees
  • Permitting Service Costs
  • Permit Fees
  • And More

A Brief History of Solar Tax Credits

In 2005 the EPA established the ‘Energy Policy Act.’ This included a solar tax credit that was set to expire in 2007. But due to its popularity and boost for the solar industry, it has been extended for over a decade. In 2019, home and business owners have one last opportunity to make record savings.

  • 2019 – 30% Solar Tax Credits until December 31, 2019.
  • 2020 – A reduction to 26% Solar Tax Credits
  • 2021 – A reduction to 22% Solar Tax Credits.
  • 2022 and onwards – Only new commercial solar system installations will receive a 10% tax credit reduction.
  • 2022 and onwards – 0% tax credit for residential solar installation.

What are the Requirements to be Eligible?

Solar power owners must be aware of the following to ensure they are eligible for the 30% tax credit reduction:

  • The solar installation must have started by December 31, 2019.
  • You must own and not rent the property.
  • You must own the solar panels, not lease.
  • You can still receive tax credits if you purchased your solar panels with a loan.

How Do I Claim the 30% Solar Tax Credit?

When filing your 2019 tax return, you should:

  • Check that your installation started before December 31, 2019.
  • Collect any receipt related to the cost of solar power.
  • Complete IRS Form 5965
  • Add the Tax Credits to Form 1040
  • Contact your local solar power installation company for more information.

Is Energy Storage Eligible for Tax Credits?

Energy storage systems are eligible, but only if they are combined with photovoltaic arrays or other renewable energy systems that are eligible under the incentive. This means you can’t receive tax credits for a storage system alone. It must be part of a full solar system.

  • Residential owners will receive a tax credit if 100% of the storage’s charge is provided by solar.
  • Commerical owners will receive a tax credit if at least 75% of the storage’s charge is provided by solar.

How to Find the Best “Solar Power Company near Me”

Local solar power companies are easy to find, but the best have certain stand-out services and promises. Once you start searching, make sure they are:

  • A NABCEP Certified PV Installer
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Promise at least a 25 Year Life Span
  • They have vast experience.
  • Promise expert maintenance.
  • Have five-star reviews across the board.

If you want that federal tax credit reduction of a whopping 30%, then act now! With huge savings to be made, there is no reason to delay. Don’t spend 2020 regretting it, contact your local solar power company today.

If you live in Florida near the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg or Clearwater area, be sure to inquire about Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company”. Florida Power Services has been labeled as the top-rated St. Petersburg Solar Power Company for over 17 years. Their Clearwater solar installation team has recieved numerous awards of excellence for quality and customer satisfaction provided. Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” has three convenient locations to better serve you.