Solar Power in Ocala


6.1 kW Morriston

In the rolling hills of Ocala, more people are discovering how solar power systems can benefit them. When a homeowner or business owner has a photovoltaic system correctly engineered and installed, they will find their utility bills dropping. Showing remarkable foresight, housing developments in the Ocala area are also starting to build in solar panel systems in the brand new homes. Developers note that Baby Boomers tend to be an environmentally conscious group and having a clean, low-cost energy source appeals to them. News articles on these new homes note a savings of approximately $300 a year for the new residents.

In the same way, a homeowner can give his house more appeal by having a solar system installed. When this home changes hands, the presence of a solar power system routinely adds value to the home.

What Florida Power Services Offers

We are expert at engineering the correct system with the best possible placement for your new solar panel installation. Florida Power Services has been sending photovoltaic system installers out to homes and commercial buildings for twelve years. This is all we do, whereas other solar power installers often branch out into solar pool heaters, air conditioning, even attic fans. By concentrating on perfecting your solar power installation, we feel we give you the best possible job and as a result, the best return on your investment. We choose only the best products on the market, ones that are made in the USA, so you can have years of trouble-free return on your investment.

We will be happy to provide a free online site feasibility analysis. What this means is that we will analyze your site, any shade issues, determine where your installation should go and how large it should be, and what your costs will be. We will also be able to give you a fair estimate of your savings when the system is up and running.

6.1 kW Morriston

If you are ready to begging your solar panel installation, the next step would be a site visit to begin engineering the best system for your home. Our philosophy is to provide excellent service and help our customers understand this new technology along the way. If any assistance is needed with rebates or tax credits, we are happy to help our customers learn how to manage their applications.

We have some excellent reviews that some of our customers have posted on and In one of them,

a valued customer says, “FPS got the work done right on schedule, and the system works great. The system has been live for almost 3 months and I estimate my payback will be about 4.5 years based on my own numbers. The actual numbers are better than what FPS predicted.”

We believe in providing clean, alternatives for energy, and helping people save money in the process. Let us give you a free consultation and feasibility analysis for a new photovoltaic system installation for your Ocala home. Simply fill in the contact form on this page and we will be in touch soon.

Solar Panels Fort Myers

7.36 kW Fort WhiteWhen a homeowner in Fort Myers decides to invest in a photovoltaic system to reduce energy bills, he has found one of the best investments he can make in his home. Not only can he reduce his bills, he can in some situations receive an energy credit from FPL.A credit occurs when the home or commercial building’s solar array provides more energy than the building draws. The surplus energy can be routed to FPL, resulting in a credit for the homeowner or building owner. It all depends on the orientation of your home, the size and configuration of your roof and other factors like shade from trees or nearby buildings.But the savings is only part of the reason many people choose solar panel installations. It is an ecologically-conscious action to take. By investing in a photovoltaic system, you reduce the amount of coal or diesel that is consumed and reduce the need for nuclear power generation.Incentives Can Make this Investment More Attractive

There are financial incentives that have been put in place to make the installation of solar panels more affordable. These incentives vary from year to year and may only be available certain times of the year. Having walked many of our customers through this process, we can help you understand the deadlines and requirements to qualify for the best incentives available to you.

We take special care to help you meet the deadlines of your incentive, rebate or credit. Whenever possible, we will work around your needs and schedules.

Don’t overlook the value that a solar power installation can add to your home. With the newest and most efficient photovoltaic systems on the market at this time, you can often recoup all or nearly all of your investment when you are selling your home.

Endless Power

7.36 kW Fort White

The sun is an endless source of energy to run our homes and businesses, but it is largely underutilized in Florida, especially by homeowners. With our more than 250 days of sunshine in Ft. Myers, and flat terrain meaning that no mountains block our availability, this is the perfect place for this kind of investment.

We offer our service in Fort Myers as well as many other South and Central Florida locations. We believe that solar power installations make sense ecologically and financially in the Sun Belt and love nothing more than to see more homes moving to an off grid power supply. We strive to help homeowners achieve this improvement without problems or headaches.

Learn what other people have thought of our integrity and service by reading our reviews on, our Google listing at or our rating with the Better Business Bureau We hope to help you with your solar power installation soon. Our goal is to assist as many Ft. Myers homeowners with their new solar panel installations as possible.

When you are looking for a solar panel installer with a keen engineering sense, a sensitivity to your home’s appearance, and one who will maximize your savings, call Florida Power Services.

Solar Panels Clearwater

slide1As a Clearwater, Florida resident, you are in the perfect place to install solar panels on your home or business. The eleven and twelve hour days in Florida and year-round sunshine make solar power installations a highly practical investment.

The advantages of a photovoltaic system are many. Since you’re on our site, you’re probably either in the market for a photovoltaic system or you want to learn more about it. You may already know about the advantages:

  1. Once the solar panels are installed on your home, the energy your home receives from this photovoltaic system is free, courtesy of the sun
  2. You immediately begin consuming less fossil fuel, contributing to a cleaner environment
  3. Your investment will increase the value of your home when you are ready to sell it
  4. And your utility bills will decrease. 


Any Clearwater resident knows how painful utility bills can be over the long, hot and humid summer. Solar power installations offer a method of lowering your bills while also providing other environmental benefits. When you flip the switch on your own photovoltaic system, you begin to draw less power from the local natural gas power plant. Instead, you will be getting it from Florida’s most abundant resource: sunshine!

Our Passion

Florida Power Services is dedicated to making your solar power experience a positive one.

We specialize in photovoltaic systems, and have been providing service to Clearwater and surrounding cities for twelve years. We install only finely made products that were manufactured in the USA. 


We take pride in performing accurate site feasibility studies as a first action. I will take into account the orientation of your home or commercial building, any shade issues, and the size of your roof or property for the installation. When complete, you will know if your site is well suited for the installation of a photovoltaic system and we can schedule a site survey to provide a more detailed review of your project. I take great pride in being a professional solar panel installer, and want you to be pleased with your savings and your contributions to a cleaner environment.

Because of our many positive testimonial letters, you can be confident when you have a Florida Power Services solar panel installer on your roof. We maintain a high rating with the Better Business Bureau. Ask about our positive reviews.

Just Starting Out?





If you’re just starting to look into a solar power installation for your home or commercial building, we can help bring you up to speed. We consider education of our customers to be part of the job description.

You may be familiar with the Sun Sense® Solar PV Program, the rebate program run by Duke Energy, the primary provider for Pinellas County. We can help you understand the requirements for their rebate and help you through the process. This is a key step in making solar power affordable for the average homeowner.

We’re here to make the process of converting to a solar power installation as positive and painless as possible. For a free consultation, fill in the response form on the right side of this page and we will contact you promptly.

Solar Panels Bradenton


Are you considering the addition of a solar panel installation? Residents of Bradenton, Florida are situated in the perfect place to add solar installations to their homes. With nearly 250 days of sunshine each year, it’s a smart investment to add the newest and most efficient photovoltaic systems to your home or commercial building.

Are you concerned about the appearance of a solar installation on your home? Our specialty is the exact engineering to give you both excellent return on your investment and preservation of your home’s appeal. The free consultation offered by Florida Power Services means that you can find out what your approximate cost and return on investment would be if you installed an on-site photovoltaic source for energy.

That estimate would be followed by site visit so I can determine the engineering necessary to maximize your energy bill savings. Depending on the available space for photovoltaic cells, the orientation of a house and other issues like shade, some customers are able to achieve a net zero power bill. In other words, there might be times of the year when you draw from the utility grid, and other times of the year that you provide the grid with your surplus power. This draw and surplus can, in some situations, cancel each other out, meaning a net zero bill.

Rebates and Tax Credits

Do you need solar panel installation by a deadline to obtain solar rebates? We will work with your needs and your schedule. Let me know when you call so I can work with you on your application.

We have received much positive feedback from our solar power customers for our willingness to help them walk through the complicated process of receiving rebates and tax credits. Since this is something we deal with all year round, it’s much simpler if we guide you and it is often an important part of making your installation a positive experience.

To get an idea of how hard we work to make our customers happy, be sure to check our reviews and ratings on the Better Business Bureau website and Yelp .

Our Passion for Sustainable Energy

Installing photovoltaic solar power systems is all we do and we do it well. We take a personal interest in converting Bradenton homes from conventional, fossil-fuel based energy systems over to clean, photovoltaic systems.

From site inspection to optimal engineering to solar panel installation, we take care of you at every step. We choose the best quality products on the market, all made in the USA, that will provide you with years of return on your solar panel investment. Let us help you achieve your goal of energy savings and reduced pollution.

Call us today for a free consultation!



Solar Panels Tampa

We install solar panels in Tampa!

Installing a solar power system has many financial,environmental, and lets not forget feel good benefits;

Protection Against Rate Hikes, Increased Property Value, Tax Credits, Reducing Our Dependence On Foreign Oil, Reducing The Need For Nuclear Power Plants,Reduced Carbon Footprint, Clean Power For Up To 30 Years.



Here in Florida we enjoy some of the lowest electric rates in the country (between 11-14 cents a kWh for residential), look at California where they are paying up to 32 cents a kWh!!!

As our beautiful state grows so does the demand for electricity and with that demand comes more generation capacity the utility must provide.

Control your future expenses by investing in a solar power system, pre-purchase your power for a 50-75% savings over the course of 25 years.

Visit our Costs & Savings page for more information.




We are very familiar with the local code requirements for solar panel installation in Tampa, our experience guarantees your project won’t get held up in plan review or fail inspection.

First hand knowledge of weather conditions in Tampa helps us better engineer your solar panel system for years of trouble free operation.

Consideration of the installation location and the environmental conditions play a big role in selecting the solar components for your system. Cutting corners in the beginning can mean large maintenance costs down the road or result in your warranty being compromised.

We take the time to perform a detailed evaluation providing us with site specific data which allows us to match quality components from trusted brand names to your project.




The Federal tax credit is 30% of the purchase price of your system towards your tax liability in the year that the system comes online, there is no cap and the credit can be claimed up to 2019 for the full 30%.
For more information visit our Costs & Savings page.



New construction or existing we will integrate solar panels into your home/business.

What sets us apart from other solar panel installers in Tampa?

  • FSEC Certified Installers
  • Unmatched Installation Quality
  • Expert Customer Service
  • Premium Balance Of System Components
  • Free Online Monitoring To Protect Your Investment
  • Site Specific Stamped Plans
  • Start To Finish Handling Of Each And Every Detail
  • No Ball Dropping, Done Right The First Time.