Use Solar To Avoid Rising Utility Bills
Florida utility bills are rising! From 2023 Florida residents will be facing higher electric bills as the utilities try to fight the increasing costs of natural gas.

Use Solar To Avoid Rising Utility Bills

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Florida utility bills are rising! From 2023 Florida residents will be facing higher electric bills as the utilities try to fight the increasing costs of natural gas. But you can make immediate savings by installing solar – without spending a dollar from your pocket!

No thanks to Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy Florida, and Tampa Electric Co. who recently filed petitions at the state Public Service Commission. Their plans will bring higher monthly bills in 2023 for all their customers.

How much? Hold tight.

  • TECO has asked for increases of 11% for residential customers and 8-12% for commercial customers.
  • Duke Energy is asking for a 15% increase for residential customers.
  • Florida Power & Light is asking for 7.9% for residential customers
  • That could mean hundreds of dollars more each month for some people!

These requests will be reviewed by the FPSC before the end of 2022. Experts say they are likely to be approved due to the rising costs of gas, globally.

But here’s how you can say goodbye to the pain of rising utility bills in Florida:

Avoid Rising Utility Bills with Solar in Florida

People stuck on grid power have no choice but to pay for rising utility bills.

But solar panel owners can dramatically lower their electricity bills by slashing their usage of grid power! Better still, they actually make money through net metering – which is where they sell excess solar energy back to the grid automatically. It’s a no-brainer.

Most solar owners can cover 100% of their average energy needs with solar, so will only have around $10-20 in utility fees each month.

Not sure you can afford it now? Think again. Here’s why:

No Money Out of Pocket Solar Loans With No Payments for 18 Months!

You don’t need to be super rich to get solar panels in Florida. If you don’t have the cash to pay upfront, then we can offer you no money out of pocket solar loans.

As subcategories of home improvement loans, there are various payment structures, rates and terms available for all budgets.

No Need for Large Cash Sum!

There’s no need for a large cash sum with our Florida solar loans!

Contact us Florida Power Services, ‘The Solar Power Company’, today to get started!

Partnering with trusted local Solar financing companies, we offer three different finance plans.

  • Fixed-rate solar loans.
  • Three different financing plans.
  • Partners with reputable local financing companies.
  • Hassle-free.
  • No sudden surprises.
  • Limited time only.

Benefit from Immediate Savings on Your Utility Bill!

The best thing about solar loans is that you’ll get immediate savings on your utility bill! From day one, your energy bill will hit the floor – so you pay less every month! Instead, you can put those savings into your monthly solar loan repayment which comes with heaps of benefits:

  • Increased property value!
  • Minimal utility bills
  • Make money automatically by selling excess energy back to the grid!
  • Decrease your next income tax bill through Federal Solar Credits.

Own Your Solar Panels from Day One!

With Florida Power Services, you own your solar panels on day one of installation. So you can make immediate savings! While other installers might leave you waiting, we give you what you want fast.

Save 30% with Federal Tax Credits in 2022-23

Did you know you can save 30% on solar installations in 2022!

That could result in thousands of dollars of savings! Here’s an example from our recent customer Taylor.

She made a $30,000 solar installation, so with Federal Tax Credits saved 30%! That’s $9,000!

Here’s how you can qualify for Solar Tax Credit savings.

  • Have your solar panel system installed in 2022 for 30% reductions.
  • Must be owned by a U.S. income tax payer.
  • Must be at your primary or secondary residence.
  • You must own the solar PV system, not lease it.
  • The solar panel installation must be new or in service for the first time.
  • It must meet all electrical and fire codes.

Read our guide to Florida Solar Tax Credits here.

Rates and Costs will Continue to Rise

Sadly, the writing is on the wall and global events mean the cost of rising utility bills is only going to go up and up.

TECO stated,

“Production growth of natural gas has been very slow as producers exercise capital discipline despite rising gas prices. In addition, the Ukraine invasion continues to impact the energy markets.”

While Duke has said,

“Both domestic conditions and international events have significantly impacted the natural gas market. Since early this year, natural gas prices have more than doubled due to increased domestic demand, flat natural gas production, strong LNG (liquefied natural gas) overseas exports, and low natural gas storage inventories. The natural gas market has not stabilized and continues to be extremely volatile.”

That’s on top of the supply chain issues we’re already set to face! Though with Florida Power Services ‘The Solar Powery Company’, we will honor the quotes we give you. You won’t face unexpected price changes.

Supply Chain Issues Have Been Caused By:

  • Polysilicon shortages (key to solar components)
  • Bans on Chinese forced labor suppliers (U.S. enforced)
  • COVID-19 disruptions and shutdowns of manufacturing facilities in Asia.
  • Buyer demand increases.
  • Rising utility and energy prices.
  • Global shipping delays and constraints.
  • Shortages of raw materials such as glass.
  • Global solar related labor shortages.
  • Lock in your price now and avoid loan rate increases and supply chain price hikes!

Act Now to Avoid Disappointment!

Act now to take advantage of this limited-time offer of 30% reductions combined with no money out of pocket loans!

While solar loan rates are currently at a great offer, they’re expected to rise very soon! That’s due to the seemingly endless federal interest rate increases these days, in an effort to reduce inflation.

For example, last month there was the single biggest interest rate hike since 1994 – 0.75%.

Install Solar in Florida Now

Florida Power Services ‘The Solar Power Company’ welcomes you to contact us today to install solar panels in Florida, to save money on your utility bill.

We’ll ensure your project qualifies for the 30% federal tax credit reductions and the quote you get, will be kept!

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Solar Save?

Over the last few years utility rates have skyrocketed more than 23.5%. Solar is up to 187% cheaper than purchasing power from the utility company! By going solar you can actually make money instead of throwing it away. The higher the utility bill the more money your solar earns.

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