The City of Dunedin Solar Rebates Are Now Available! Act Now!

The City of Dunedin Solar Rebates Are Now Available! Act Now!

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The City of Dunedin solar rebates are now available for residents and businesses who want to install solar panels. This is a first-come-first-serve program, so if you’re interested, then act now! The program has been approved for 2022, giving The City of Dunedin locals the chance to save money and get in early on the clean energy revolution! Installations made by Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” can be started in time to be eligible for The City of Dunedin’s solar rebate.

What Is The City of Dunedin Solar Rebate Program?

Approved in October 2021, The ‘Solar Energy Grant Program’ allows for the funding of Solar panel installations in The City of Dunedin for the Fiscal Year 2022. The window for applications began in October 2021 and is still open now! Here’s what it is:
  • A City made program, giving you the chance to apply for a rebate for installing solar!
  • A grant rate of $0.25 per watt of solar-generated, for a maximum grant of $2,500.
  • Applications must be made by The City of Dunedin residents or businesses.

First-Come-First-Serve: Act Now!

Be warned. The grant is awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis – “as funds are available”. This unique opportunity isn’t even asking for much requirement – just enthusiasm! Get in now ahead of the rest and you can save up to $2,500!

Am I Eligible for The City of Dunedin Solar Rebate?

If you meet the following criteria, you are eligible:
  • Your address is within the City of Dunedin limits (you can use the Pinellas County Property Appraiser website to verify this).
  • You’re a resident, organization or business owner in the City of Dunedin (unincorporated addresses are not eligible).
  • Nonprofits are also eligible.
  • Solar permits have been applied for, issued, inspected and completed on or after October 1st, 2018.

How Can I Apply for The City of Dunedin Solar Rebate Program?

To apply for the City of Dunedin Solar Rebate program, follow these instructions:
  • Fill out this application and embedded W-9 Form.
  • Drop off a physical copy of the application to the staff at the Community Development Department at 1415 Pinehurst Road, Dunedin, FL 34698.
  • (Note: Community Development was previously called Planning & Development and has now moved to the above address).

Are There Any Other Incentives?

The City of Dunedin’s website states that The City may offer incentives for “new construction, new additions and building conversions involving solar energy”. Other incentives may include:
  • Fast track permitting
  • Recognition at a City Commission meeting
  • The inclusion of project details on the City’s green building website
  • Informative banners found at the project site

Design Reviews

Note that any developments that are 5,000 sq. ft. or 5 units or more will trigger Design Review. At the time of application for Design Review, developers must submit a solar energy plan as a demonstration of their intent to use solar energy in their project. The City of Dunedin Solar rebate will be paid as a reimbursement.

What Happens When You Need a New Roof?

A question asked on the City of Dunedin’s Facebook page was answered: “This can be outlined in the contract that the resident or business agrees on with the solar company. It may be a possibility to include information in the contract about the company removing the panels temporarily while a new roof is being installed and then coming back to re-install them after the new roof project is complete. Please discuss with your solar company.”

Why You Should Act Now!

We’ve already mentioned how The City of Dunedin solar rebate program is first-come-first-serve, but there is an even bigger reason to act now and act fast in 2022:

2022 Is The Final Year of 26% Solar Tax Incentives

2022 is the last chance you’ll have to save 26% through Federal Solar Tax Incentives. After this year, they drop to 22% in 2023 and 0% in 2024. Federal Solar Tax Incentives effectively refund 26% of solar tax installations! Regardless of how much your Florida solar installation costs, you can save thousands of dollars! For example, if you have a $30,000 installation, you could save $7,800 thanks to solar tax incentives in 2022! Solar tax incentives apply to:
  • Solar PV panels or PV cells
  • Contractor labor costs for everything from onsite preparation to permitting fees.
  • Installation and balance-of-system equipment, including wires, mounting and inverters.
  • Energy storage devices charged exclusively by solar panels – such as battery backup banks or off-grid battery systems.
Your installation must start before the end of 2022! With queues and COVID-related delays likely, it’s highly advised that you get in now. Combine these incentives with The City of Dunedin solar rebates and you could get solar panels for a truly great price!

The Benefits of Solar in The City of Dunedin

  • The average household in The City of Dunedin spends $2,150 each year on energy bills.
  • A solar home typically uses 30-60% less energy and generates electricity itself.
  • Battery storage can keep your home powered during grid outages and storms.
  • TECO electricity rates are rising! TECO customers will pay more over the next 3 years.

How Much Could I Save Through Solar in The City of Dunedin?

Using our system size calculator, here’s a quick example:
  • Highest daily kWh usage: 53 kWh
  • Middle daily kWh usage: 42 kWh
  • Lowest kWh usage: 28 kWh
  • Calculated Annual Kilowatt Usage: 14,965
In this example, a suggested solar system sized at 11.59 kW could save $2,254 yr / $187.83 a month!

Solar Power Installation In The City of Dunedin, FL

If you’re interested in installing solar panels in The City of Dunedin, Florida then contact us today! Call (727) 667-9955 or schedule a consultation. With decades of experience, we’ll help design and install the optimal solar system that brings you the best return on investment – and on time for the 2022 Federal Tax Incentives. Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is the Sunshine’s states leading solar power installer and would love to help you save thousands of dollars in 2022. Act now and apply for The City of Dunedin solar rebate before all available spots go!
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