The Benefits of Using a Local Florida Solar Provider over Tesla, SunRun or Vivant

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If you’ve decided to invest in a solar power installation in Florida, then naturally you’ll be weighing up the options available. Huge names like Tesla, SunRun or Vivant may be grabbing the headlines, but any claims that they provide better service are far from the truth. Local Florida solar providers such as ourselves gain a reputation through successful, consistent work rather than huge marketing budgets. Let’s take a look in more detail at why using a local solar power company is the most successful choice.

Service Delivered with Expertise

The number one benefit of using a local Florida solar power provider is the exceptional level of service. Local service is something that the big corporations can’t throw money at to match. They can’t beat the years of expertise built by a longstanding local company that has seen it all, from how to ensure panels are fitted optimally for Florida weather, to hiring only the very best employees.

Fast Installation, Repairs, and Upgrades

When you go local, service is never more far away. Should your solar panels or components suffer any problems or you’re desperate for an upgrade, then your local Florida solar power company will be able to drop by within a day or two. There will be no long waiting times for call-outs or irritating call center chats with people you’ve never spoken to before; just fast, expert service from people who care and remember you.

Contract to Commission the Quickest in The State

Every day your solar power system isn’t running is a day you’re not saving on electricity bills. Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” has the quickest contract to commission speeds in the state. That’s just 4-6 weeks vs. the usual 3-6 months that big brands tend to offer.

More Likely To Fully Evaluate Your Property

Solar installations are not a one size fits all type of project. They require detailed planning to get the optimal results for money saving. The best local Florida solar installers will fully evaluate your situation by visiting your property beforehand to make a detailed plan. They’ll be prepared knowing what safety gear is required, how they’ll approach the roof and which positions will be optimal for sunlight. With non-local companies, they won’t put in that extra step of evaluation that saves time and improves the installation quality.

They Know The Local Electricity Regulations

Local Florida solar power providers will know everything about the local electricity supply rules and tariffs. When you have any electricity-related questions, they’ll be able to give you an answer that a call center based company struggles to find.

They Know The Best Local Suppliers

Local solar installers know what they’re doing when it comes to suppliers. They use the best components from US-made products, unlike the big brands who may use overseas suppliers for the same cost. Why? Because they take pride in their business. They have a reputation to uphold. Meanwhile, big brands use cheaper panels and components to lower in-house costs.

A Local Experience

Go local and you’ll meet the owner, the engineers and the construction team who will provide installations, future repairs, and any upgrades. They’ll become familiar with your property and have that personal touch that is worth more than any price offered by Tesla and the rest. Our crew of employees is full-time and dedicated. They care about the company and maintaining its reputation is as essential for them as it is for the owner. We only hire the best and they’re all Florida residents themselves.

We’re proud to say our customer support will offer you far more assistance than the big companies who use call-centers, a revolving door of employees and won’t remember you when you call their number.

support local business

Support Small Businesses

If you want to keep your dollars local, then you’ll help the community thrive. A healthy local economy means the money you spend stays locally and helps other businesses. That means an increase in jobs, better wages and a better quality of life. The importance of keeping Florida’s personality and authenticity alive cannot be understated too.

With a local solar power company, you’ll also promote the rise of solar power use in Florida, leading to a more eco-friendly state.

Local Solar Installers Have Better Customer Reviews

Local solar providers care about what they do for their customers. They consistently get higher ratings and reviews, which are reliable as they come from people in the area. It’s hard to know how a big name brand performs in the area when their reputation comes from marketing. Whereas our reputation has been forged by continuously excellent service that saves Florida residents money.

Do you think the likes of Tesla and SunRun will really care or even remember you in a few years when you need a repair? You won’t even be talking to the same people. Use a local solar provider and the relationship will stand the test of time.

Local Rates Are Easier on Your Budget

Local solar providers tend to care more about their clients when it comes to rates and financing. For example, a study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) displayed that big-name solar brands’ quotes are $0.33/W higher (or 10%) than independent installer quotes.

The Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” makes financing simple. Partnering with a local solar financing company, we offer three financing plans to make investing in solar power easier. Our expert team will help make you make guaranteed savings and can finance a hassle-free loan. The savings and tax credits will go to you and you only.

Finding the Best Solar Installation Company Near Me

If you want that personal, reliable and caring service that a local Florida solar power company offers then here are some key tips and qualities to look out for:

  • Family-Owned Companies.
  • A small but devoted team of employees.
  • Companies that are invested in the local community.
  • Read online reviews.
  • Check their certifications and licenses – does the state certify them?
  • Do they offer in-house financing options?
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