Why You Should Install Solar Batteries in Tampa

By installing Solar batteries in Tampa, your home can become completely independent from the grid – saving you thousands of dollars.

By installing Solar batteries in Tampa, your home can become completely independent from the grid – saving you thousands of dollars. But what makes Enphase so great compared to the competitors?

With their new Enphase IQ batteries, they’ve upped the game. As proud installation partners, we can help seamlessly integrate Enpahse batteries into your home – so it provides clean energy come rain or shine.

How Solar Batteries Work:

  • Enphase microinverters under each solar panel send 240 volts of AC to power your home.
  • Enphase’s IQ combiner streamlines PV and storage usage with AI and metering.
  • The IQ System controller decides whether the power is going to the main circuit break or the new, IQ battery.
  • Your home is powered during all conditions, safely and efficiently.
  • You save thousands of dollars on utility bills and significantly boost your property value.

What Makes Solar Batteries in Tampa So Great?

All Conditions, All Year

Solar batteries are generally great for providing homeowners with power when the grid is down during storms and outages.

However, many solar batteries underperform or shut down during harsh weather conditions.

Solar batteries are NEMA 3R rated, so they keep delivering power all year round – in violent storms, extreme heat and rain.

Storm Guard Feature

Enphase’s intelligent Storm Guard™ feature is smart enough to automatically track weather and prioritize backup power when an approaching storm is detected. So when hurricane season hits, you can relax knowing your home will keep its lights on.

Automated Back-Up

Florida Power Services can seamlessly hook up a standby generator to any Enphase solar battery system – so you get even more reliable power when the grid is down.

All AI-powered, the generator will kick in automatically.

Enphase IQ batteries also use multiple bi-directional IQ8 Microinverters – allowing the batteries to switch from DC to AC power again and again, for safe and reliable power.

Smart ‘IQ’ Control

Enphase batteries in Tampa come with a super easy-to-use smartphone app called ‘IQ’ control.

With this, you can monitor your energy consumption and turn on or off appliances at the tap of the screen! You can also track and use battery storage at any moment.

You can also automate this, conserving battery life when running solely on backup power.

This feature is a real step into the future, as one of the complaints about solar batteries has long been that people get stressed about energy usage.

Extremely Voltage Safe

Another long-standing concern about solar battery backup in Tampa has been their safety. Understandably, people are scared of having big blocks of electricity in their homes.

Well, Enpahse batteries in Tampa have put an end to those concerns. Enphase IQ batteries operate with low-voltage DC, avoiding the dangers of high-voltage rival batteries while being even more energy efficient!

Fire Safe

Solar batteries are the first micro inverter-based solar battery to meet the standards required for the UL 9540A thermal runaway fire propagation test!

This makes them extremely fire safe, removing one of the paranoias for solar batteries in Tampa.

Smart Power and Automated Updates

One of the best things about Solar batteries in Tampa is that they’re extremely smart.

With an internet connection, they update automatically to receive the latest software and features – so efficiency is constantly improved and any glitches are quickly resolved.

Start Small and Go Big

Adding additional Solar batteries in Tampa of any size is very simple and can be done any time with the help of Florida Power Services.

So you can start with just the one Enphase battery backup and add additional units if you feel the need for additional power or the desire to be completely off-grid.

If any parts need replacing, you won’t need to return the entire unit either – just swap out each component in minutes.

10-year Warranty

Solar batteries in Tampa are covered by a 10-year limited warranty, with an optional 5-year limited extension.

This is an industry-leading offer, making Solar batteries the safest choice for your investment.

Solar batteries in Tampa also have no moving parts that can break or wear out.

Florida Power Services’ installations also offer a 25-year warranty on all equipment! AND a 100% money-back guarantee!

All-in-One Support

Enphase shines in an important area that Tesla fails miserably with – customer support.

Their technical support team is always on standby for warranty claims or technical issues.

Plus if you choose Florida Power Services as your Enphase battery installer in Tampa, you’ll be receiving service from a local, 5-star rated team with decades of experience and no external contractors!

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

With a 10-year warranty and an optional 5-year extension, Solar batteries will last you for at least 10 years – providing a decade of grid-free electricity.

Can Solar Batteries Be Used Off-Grid?

Enphase’s batteries continuously generate energy, regardless of the presence and status of the grid – so you get around the clock solar energy and storage, day and night.

Is Enphase Better Than Tesla?

Enphase and Tesla offer similar products, but in the opinion of many, Enphase outshines Tesla when it comes to customer support and installation.

Tesla often uses people who have minimal experience in solar installation, whereas our Enphase installations are completed by a trusted team that is led by decades of experience.

Tesla’s customer support system is also widely criticized, whereas Enphase has far better reviews.

What Is the Best Way to Install Solar Batteries in Tampa?

Florida Power Services is a 5-star customer-rated, long-standing local company that can install Solar batteries in Tampa to allow property owners to save thousands of dollars.

By using our company, you can guarantee you’ll meet 2022’s deadline for Federal Tax Credit savings and benefit from personalized installation designs and incredible customer support.

More Information on Solar Battery Banks in Tampa

If you have any further questions, you can contact us directly or read our FAQs on Florida Solar Battery Banks.

Enphase Solar Battery Installation in Tampa

If you’re looking to install the new, highly-rated Solar batteries in Tampa, then contact Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” today to get started.

We can integrate the batteries into any solar system design, either grid-linked or off-grid. We also provide financing plans and 25-year equipment warranties.

To make your solar dream a reality, contact us today at: (727) 667-9955

Solar Module Shortages Are Coming: Act Now to Avoid Delays!

Florida may suffer from solar module shortages, as the U.S. fights to stop the import of goods that have been produced using forced labor.

Florida and the rest of the country are set to suffer from disruptive solar module shortages, as the U.S. fights to stop the import of goods that may have been produced using forced labor in China.

It is believed around a massive 2.1 Gigawatts (GW) of U.S. solar projects are at risk of being delayed or canceled.

If you’ve been considering investing in solar in Florida, then delays could impact your plans unless you get to the front of the queue soon.

Here’s what’s happening, and how to avoid the delays impacting your Florida solar installation:

Custom Enforcements Restricting Solar Imports

In an effort to tackle forced labor in China, The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is enforcing action on silica-based products made in China.

The Department of Homeland Security issued a ‘Withhold Release Order’, which instructs all U.S. ports to detain shipments made under these conditions.

This effort is being made to tackle the forced labor of the Uyghur Muslim peoples of China.

In a statement from the Department of Homeland Security, it was explained:

“The United States will not tolerate modern-day slavery in our supply chains. This Withhold Release Order demonstrates we continue to protect human rights and international labor standards and promote a more fair and competitive global marketplace.”

“Forced labor is a human rights abuse that hurts vulnerable workers, weakens the global economy, and exposes consumers to unethically made merchandise,”

Understandably, this is causing tension politically as the Biden administration is pushing for a rapid expansion of clean energy resources, but is also rightfully and forcefully against any modern slave labor.

The white house has stated that solar deployment needs to accelerate by 4x its current pace to meet clean energy targets by 2035. The targets could see solar in the U.S. move from 3% of electrical generation to over 40% by 2035.

It should be noted, this doesn’t mean all solar companies are consciously using forced labor suppliers. Nor does it mean they are using forced labor suppliers even if they’re affected by the delays.

Each part manufacturer uses a large supply chain which is incredibly hard to trace from silicon metal and quartz mining to the factories themselves.

Philip Shen of Roth Capital Partners has said that “almost any module coming to the U.S. cannot yet prove it does not have Hoshine silicon metal.”

He went on to say traceability capability could take 6-12 months to develop.

Solar Delays Coming

Silica is a raw material used to make components for solar panels, solar modules, electronics, and other solar equipment. It plays an integral part in any solar installation and the U.S., like the rest of the world, relies on imports from overseas.

With imports restricted, this means the solar industry is going to have a tight and stressful Q3 and Q3, later this year.

Solar module shortages, in particular, are suspected to be present with the COVID-19 pandemic already creating a bottleneck supply chain and a shortage of raw materials.

It’s estimated this enforcement could jeopardize a vast number of solar installations, ‘representing a total investment of about $2.2 billion on a payroll of 3,000 construction workers.’

Rising Prices?

As always when solar module shortages arrive, there are fears over rising prices.

We’ve already seen the pandemic cause equipment prices to rocket, as bottlenecks arise and this could again be a problem later this year due to import restrictions.

This is likely to be an issue for installers more than customers, but it is yet another reason to act fast and get your installation started before the industry hits problems.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you’re considering a Florida solar installation, then now is the time to act. Getting in the queue fast will allow you to enjoy the existing supply of parts, before any solar module shortages hit.

As for installation companies like ourselves, if we don’t have parts arriving in time then delays may arise.

Thankfully, at this point, we are unaffected and will do our very best to ensure all our customers have their installations started and completed on time – just like we always have done.

As a local Florida solar company, we take care of our customers and don’t make large, blanket cancellations like some of the bigger name installers.

It should also be noted that this doesn’t mean we or other installers are using forced labor suppliers – these import detentions and delays are having a knock-on effect on the whole industry, regardless of the solar parts supplier used.

There is no reason to panic if you already have a solar installation planned, this message is more of a warning – act now and get in ahead of the queues to avoid delays!

Act Now to Get Solar Tax Credits

Florida solar tax credits can allow you to save thousands of dollars on your Florida solar installation.

But that is only true if your installation starts before the end of 2021. Every year, the amount you can save drops – it’s currently at 26% but will gradually drop to 0% in 2024.

In order to avoid missing out on this year’s solar tax credits, ensure that you avoid potential delays by heading to the front of the queue now.

How Much Can I Save Through Solar Tax Credits?

2021’s solar tax credits represent a 26% saving on all labor, equipment and costs. These costs will be deducted from your tax bill.

Here’s an example of much you could save on a $10,000 Florida solar installation:

26% OF $10,000 = $2,600 IN SOLAR TAX CREDIT SAVINGS

You can read our Florida solar tax credits guide here.

Solar Installations in Florida

If you’re interested in installing solar panels in Florida then contact us today.

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is the Sunshine’s states leading solar power installer and would love to help you save thousands of dollars in 2021, regardless of any solar module shortages.

With delays a possibility throughout the industry, we’ll strive to ensure your dream installation is completed on time without stress.

And one last reminder: Lock in pricing now! No delays, no regrets! Make the most of those solar tax credits in 2021!

TECO Is Going Solar, But You’re Paying the Bill!

Tampa Bay Electric Co.’s customers are set to see painful rate hikes over the next year, as the company covers its costs for investing in solar.

Tampa Bay Electric Co.’s customers are set to see painful rate hikes over the next year, as the company covers its costs for investing in solar.

In a recent notice to regulators, the Hillsborough County power company stated its plans to charge customers between $280 and $295 million from 2022.

Tampa Bay Electric Co. Continues Raising Rates

Regulators are likely to approve this request, causing customer rates to increase to an estimated $124.30 per 1,000 kilowatt-hours.

That’s up 18% from 2021!

And, that’s on top of already increasing the rates by 8% from 2020.

Why Are TECO Raising Energy Bills?

Last year Tampa Bay Electric Co. said their new 8% increase in rates was due to natural gas. This year, it’s because they’re investing in solar.

They’ve recognized that the climate crisis is calling for a future of electricity, green and solar. It’s inevitable.

The company is on track to generate 14% of its power from solar energy until 2023. That’s thanks to 1,200 megawatts of solar power.

But they’re conveniently keeping quiet their expensive payments towards grid fortification. And natural gas prices keep rising.

Customers Paying the Bill

Sadly, it’s their customers who are having to foot the bill – for the second year running.

TECO’s plans to build 1,200 megawatts of solar power by 2023 “will provide enough energy to power 200,000 homes”.

But, unlike having your own solar power system, you’ll have to keep paying an energy bill while the company enjoys those savings.

TECO also has Solar plans coming up for next year, in the fourth phase of their current solar expansion. So expect painful increases on your TECO bill next year too.

Insulate Yourself From Rising Power Rates in Tampa

As Tampa Bay Electric Co. forces its customers to foot the bill for installing new solar panels, many customers are taking the alternate route – investing in their own solar panels.

Rather than paying for a company’s solar panels, which provide just 14% of clean energy, you could enjoy your own green and clean home of the future – with FREE power.

How Much Could I Save If I Install Solar in Tampa?

If, for example, your average monthly power bill is $160.50, if we factor in the average annual inflation rate of 4%, you will be forking over $85,454 to the power company in the next 25 years.

If your monthly utility bill in Tampa averages $160.50:

Your estimated monthly solar loan payment would be: $125.66

With no money out of pocket you can save $418 a year, and potentially qualify for federal tax credits worth an estimated $9,008.22

You could enjoy a 6.9 year Return on Investment and Enjoy free power for over 18.1 years!

Don’t Miss Out on 26% Reductions!

Thanks to Federal Tax Credits on Solar Power Installations in Solar, you can enjoy a massive 26% reduction this year!

That’s the equivalent of $7,800 on a $30,000 installation.

But only if your installation starts before December 31st, 2021. By 2023, those reductions will drop to 0%.

Boost Your Property Value

So why not consider putting your hard-earned cash towards your own property, not TECO’s. Aside from that clean and FREE energy, you could also enjoy massive property value boosts.

For every $1,000 saved in annual electricity through Solar in Tampa, your home’s value can increase by $20,000. Your investment could pay for itself, fast!

In the future, homeowners will want pre-installed solar systems to avoid the hassle of installation costs and waiting on ROI. We’re already seeing real estate investors choose solar homes over outdated homes.

Avoid Fluctuating Rates

Understandably, TECO customers are annoyed at their rates changing for the second year running. Why should they have to pay for something beyond their control?

Although they can go up and down, TECO has now pushed rates up by 26% in just 3 years.

We’re also seeing rising solar equipment prices thanks to COVID and material shortages throughout the world.

By installing your own solar panels in Tampa, you can gain control over how much you pay and stop worrying about fluctuating rates that eat into your wallet.

TECO Can See the Solar Boom Coming

One thing we can’t criticize TECO for is their idea of going solar. We just don’t like seeing Tampa folk pay for it.

But solar is the future. TECO’s investments are evidence of that, so Tampa residents should act now to invest before the solar boom begins.

By getting ahead of the game, you could benefit from lower rates now and cash in on massive property value boosts.

As they say, you get rich by buying in before it hits mainstream news.

Tampa is Perfect for Solar Panels

It’s about time Florida power companies started investing in solar power, as our state has perfect conditions for collecting the sun’s rays.

On average, in Tampa there are 246 days of sunshine. That’s far higher than the US average of 206.

Solar systems are also great at providing you with electricity during hurricanes and storms. While the grid is down, solar owners with battery bank systems can enjoy electricity to protect themselves or stay entertained.

The Bottom Line

  • TECO’s rates are rising for yet another year – at 18% since 2021!
  • You can avoid paying for an investment that doesn’t benefit you, by installing solar.
  • Say goodbye to fluctuating solar rates.
  • Enjoy FREE electricity with your own solar power system.
  • Make money through net metering.
  • Save thousands of dollars through Federal Tax Credits (26% in 2021!)
  • Boost your property value considerably.
  • Stay ahead of the Solar boom.

Solar Power Installation in Tampa, FL

If you want to avoid paying TECO’s rising rates and instead boost your property value while enjoying FREE electricity, then contact us today for solar power installation in Tampa, FL.

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is the Sunshine’s states leading solar power installer and would love to help you save thousands of dollars.