Plan to Help Brevard Solar Customers Complete Their Solar Installation

Plan to Help Brevard Solar Customers Complete Their Solar Installation

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is offering to step in and save the solar projects of those affected by Brevard Solar’s recent collapse. Brevard Solar’s disappearance and silence have left hundreds of Florida residents with unfinished solar projects. What exactly happened is up for debate, but what we do know is that Brevard Solar appears to have ceased business and will be unable to finish the projects so many people contracted them to do.

Local Brevard County homeowner, Steven Vandercook, was one of the hundreds of Brevard Solar customers looking to invest in solar to reduce his power bill and go green. After signing a contract with Brevard Solar for over $21,000, the work was never completed and now he has been left with useless roof mountings. Reporters and customers have tried to contact Brevard Solar’s owner Jim Spann, but their office is locked, dark and empty. There is a disconnected phone and not a word of information. Put simply, Brevard Solar has up and vanished.

What Can Brevard Solar Customers Do to Complete the Solar Installation?

If you’re a homeowner who has been left out to dry by Brevard Solar, then we understand the frustration and stress you’ve been going through. You may have also been refused by other Florida Solar Companies to complete the work due to liability issues.

That’s why we have put a plan in place to help save your situation. Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is offering to complete the Solar Installation. Whether you’ve been left with ugly roof rails, unfulfilled contracts or an incomplete system – we’re offering a solution. Let us get the job done right.

Options for Brevard Solar Customers With the Solar Railing System Already Installed

If you’re one of the hundreds of people affected by Brevard Solar’s collapse, here are some realistic options to help resolve your situation:

1. Remove the Brevard Solar railings, patch the roof and call it a day.

This is a very unfortunate situation to be in and maybe Brevard Solar clients have a bad taste in their mouth and are just ready to put an end to their bad experience and move on.

2. Remove the Brevard Solar railings, patch the roof and start with a fresh installation.

Many Florida solar companies are refusing to complete the work due to liability issues. This is your chance to break clean from the legal mess left by Brevard Solar. Once the railings are removed and the roof is properly patched, you can get a well-planned and premium quality solar installation. Florida Power Services can start your project from scratch, assessing your property for the best railing positions before fixing the mountings with outstanding craftsmanship and materials that are backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

3. Sign a waiver to remove the liability of work performed by Brevard Solar and complete the Solar Installation using the existing railing system installed by Brevard Solar.

This is the best and least expensive route to get Solar panels on your roof. Rather than waste money on removing the Brevard Solar railings, Florida Power Services is offering to complete the job for you by signing a waiver. We can try to use existing permits if they are still valid. You can guarantee the job will be completed as Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is a fully licensed, long-standing and trusted company with over 17 years in the industry.

Contact Florida Power Services to Solve Your Brevard Solar Mess

Owner Joe Forest and the Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” team would love to assist those left stranded by the Brevard Solar folding. We want to put this miserable situation to an end and provide you with a completed solar system so the savings can begin.

We’ve spent the past week thoroughly planning to ensure Brevard Solar customers can be assisted and are protected in the process. By signing a waiver, we can get to work on those existing railings or other components preventing you from wasting thousands of dollars to start again from scratch.

Why You Can Trust Florida Power Services:

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is a highly rated company with over 17 years in the business. Don’t leave things to chance again with a non-certified, cheap and dodgy company. Here’s why you can trust our business:

Fully Certified

Florida Power Services is fully licensed and certified to perform Solar Installations and work upon roofs. That means you can trust us because we’ve passed the test of time and expert analysis.

  • Certified Solar PV Installer by “The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners”
  • Florida State Certified Solar Contractor
  • Approved by the American National Standards Institute
  • Certified Engineers

17 Years of Experience

We’re not a new start-up, we’re not out to get you to sign a contract then forget about you. We’re the real deal. Our reputation is something we’ve built over 17 years and one we’re proud to uphold. We have installed panels that produce over eight million watts of power across the state of Florida. This is our expertise.

100% Satisfaction Rate

With owner Joe Forest onsite during all installations and the greatest attention to detail and aesthetics, we’ve earnt a 100% satisfaction rate. That means our customers don’t ask for refunds or leave complaints. They don’t suffer delays and we check in on them even after the work is done. We aim to ensure your solar system is running smoothly and at the optimum power for years to come.

A+ BBB rated with 0 complaints

To get an A+ rating from ‘Better Business Bureau’ you need to offer impeccable service. Our A+ grade rating is proof of the confidence BBB has in our business and proof that we always operate in a trustworthy manner – going the extra mile to resolve any complaints.

Google and Facebook Reviews

If you’re still in doubt, check out our Google and Facebook reviews. You’ll notice that customers love how owner Joe Forest is always on-site, ensuring standards are kept as high as possible and that their systems are producing what we estimated from the beginning.

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