Hurricane Ian Proved Solar Is Hurricane-Proof! Solar Community Suffers Zero Outages!

Hurricane Ian Proved Solar Is Hurricane-Proof! Solar Community Suffers Zero Outages!
Most people fear that violent storms turn solar panels into projectiles, but Hurricane Ian has proved that solar can be hurricane-proof!

Most people fear that violent storms turn solar panels into projectiles, but Hurricane Ian has proved that solar can be hurricane-proof!

While communities hundreds of miles from the storm surge were hit with strong winds and power outages, one Florida solar community proved as a stunning example of what so many Florida solar owners experienced!

Babcock Proves Solar is Perfect for Florida!

In the solar community of Babcock Ranch, they never once lost power during Hurricane Ian. Located just 15 miles from Fort Myers, this renewable-focused town’s 700,000 solar panels and 150-megawatt array held solid – just a short drive away from Florida’s most devastated Hurricane Ian region.

The town that is renowned as being the cleanest and most resilient town in America, is just one glaring example of how solar owners stood safe and proud during Hurricane Ian. One solar owner even decided to give away his backup generator after Ian, knowing his solar had passed the biggest of tests.

When the Hurricane hit, many solar residents stayed put. With 100-mph winds causing flickering lights, they never once lost power. And their solar panels? As good as ever.

While we can’t deny there are Florida solar owners who have lost their arrays due to collapsed roofs and falling trees, the contrary story is that a vast number of solar owners sat at home watching TV while millions of grid users were plunged into darkness.

If ever there was a time to believe in solar communities and homes in Florida, now is that time!

Solar Batteries Act as a Life Line!

Then there are the stories of people who relied on their solar batteries. When the sun was hidden under the gloomy skies, it was their solar batteries that kicked in to keep their lights on, fridges running and kids protected.

Solar batteries store excess energy for times just like Ian when the grid is down and the sun is hiding. If you’re interested in adding a solar battery to your home or business, call us today!

It’s not the first time we’ve heard life-saving news about solar in hurricanes. Just take a look at how Puerto Rico managed Hurricane Fiona back in September 2022.

The island had installed hundreds of solar energy systems since its clean energy revolution in 1999. In one case, a family kept their daughter alive with life-saving dialysis treatment powered by solar arrays and solar batteries.

What Are People Saying?

Happy Tampa Solar Users!

A little closer to home here in Tampa, there have also been residential solar owners reporting that their self-reliant homes survived Ian. One solar user in Tampa said,

“It was our essential thing when the power went down!”

Solar Interest Set to Soar!

Experts predict that the news could boost interest in solar power in Florida and property values!

The vice president and research analyst for ClearView Energy Partners said,

“We have long observed an uptick in demand for distributed solar and energy storage among customers that have recently experienced long grid outages. We expect some Florida customers to look to bolster their supply with onsite systems following Hurricane Ian”.

The American Clean Power Association said,

“Hurricane Ian has proven solar is reliable through and after these disasters. [Which is particularly important as Florida tends to lose crucial infrastructure.]”

How to Get Solar in Florida:

If you’re tired of losing power in storms and hurricanes, then solar may be the answer. It can significantly increase the chances that you still have your lights on and appliances running while others are plunged into darkness.

Thankfully, there are many options in place that make solar affordable for all homeowners and commercial properties in Florida:

No Money Out of Pocket Loans

If you don’t have the cash to pay upfront when installing solar panels in Florida, then you can consider a solar loan.

Florida solar loans can help you purchase a system without paying money out of pocket. They result in immediate utility bill savings. So from day one of use, you can put that money towards your monthly solar loan repayment for a swift return on investment!

As a subcategory of home improvement loans, there are various payment structures, terms and rates available.

Florida Power Services, “The Solar Power Company” makes solar power loans in Tampa, Florida simple.

We partner with trusted local solar financing companies, offering three different solar finance plans:

  • Fixed-rate solar loans
  • With three different financing plans.
  • Partnered with reputable local financing companies.
  • Hassle-free
  • No sudden surprises
  • No money out of pocket.
  • No large cash sum is required.
  • Limited time only.

Save Thousands with Federal Tax Credits

You can save 30% on your Florida solar installation thanks to Federal Tax Credits!

Tax credits provide a rebate on your income tax return, at 30% of the cost of your solar installation.

There is no maximum amount that you can claim, so you can make an impressive solar installation much less expensive.

This great 30% reduction is now on offer until 2033, thanks to an extension to the Clean Energy bill.

Read our guide on using Federal solar tax credits in Florida here:

Here are some of the key criteria you must meet:

  • The solar panel system must have been installed after 2021 for the 30% reduction.
  • The solar power system must be used by someone paying U.S. income taxes.
  • Your solar panel system must be at your primary or secondary residence.
  • You must own the solar PV system.
  • The solar power system must be new, or be in service for the first time.
  • All electrical and fire code requirements must be met.

Federal Tax Credits can apply to the following solar costs:

  • Solar Power Installation Fees
  • Solar Equipment
  • Solar PV and Solar cells
  • Permitting Service Costs
  • Permit Fees
  • Shipping Costs
  • Engineer Fees
  • Electrician Fees
  • And More

Get Solar in Tampa, FL Today!

Florida Power Services ‘The Solar Power Company’ welcomes you to contact us today to inquire how you can install a solar system. We can also help you with financing and federal tax credits so you can save thousands without paying money out of pocket!

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