FAQS About Florida Solar Battery Banks

FAQS About Florida Solar Battery Banks

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Solar battery banks can ensure your home or business functions normally in the event of a hurricane, utility outage or grid failure. Whether you’re looking to add battery storage to your existing Florida solar system or you’re a newcomer to self-sustainability looking for guaranteed power when the grid fails – we’ve got you covered.

What is a Solar Battery Bank?

A solar system equipped with a backup battery provides you with the ability to use electricity even when the grid is down. With a solar battery storage and backup inverter, your home or business won’t suffer a blackout during hurricane seasons or any other cause of power loss.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Battery Storage

Now let’s field some questions from our followers in the Florida area, who are shopping for Florida Solar Battery Banks.

Will my solar system power my home or business when the grid fails?

~Janice in Clearwater

A: Only if you have a battery bank in your system. Without that, solar systems shut down along with the grid to avoid back feeding power and potentially shocking a utility worker. So, solar battery storage is what you need! It must fit your existing system properly.

I had another company quote me and they told me one battery was enough to run my entire house in an outage, I’m wondering if this is true?

~Jimmy, S. Tampa

A: Great question, Jimmy. The two biggest variables you need to consider when shopping for a solar battery bank systems are:

1. How many kWh a day does your home/business consume mid-summer?

  • Example = July bill 1,200 kWh / 31 = Daily usage 38.7 kWh
  • This would bring your recommended battery bank size to roughly 40 kWh at 95% Depth Of Discharge.
  • This would 4 – 10 kWh Enphase Encharge Batteries

2. What is the peak amp draw of the loads?

  • This can be determined with an amp clamp at your load center or if you have an energy monitor like Sense.
  • You’ll be able to pull up this data online.
  • Match the peak amp draw to the peak AC output of the battery bank.
  • In this example, the peak output of 4 – 10 kWh Charges is 95A for 10 seconds.

How do I make sure my solar contractor is reputable and experienced?

~Bill in St Petersburg

A popular question here and a very important one given the failure rate of Florida solar companies. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know the obvious signs of a legit company and those that let you down. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Look up the company on SunBiz.org, check how long they’ve been in business.
  • Confirm the owner of the business is also the license holder, you can check the license number on the DBPR website.
  • There’s always the Better Business Bureau, look for complaints and ratings.
  • See what people are saying on Google reviews and social media.
  • Check certifications, look for the Florida solar license “CV” and or NABCEP certification – it should be listed on their website. Don’t use uncertified companies.
  • Be wary of other home improvements being bundled into the solar package with unquantifiable savings promises.
  • Check their experience level. At least 10 years of experience is needed to prove they’re not going to collapse at any moment like Brevard Solar did.

How long can Solar Battery Bank systems run when the grid fails?

~Richard in Bradenton

A properly sized solar battery bank system, with adequate sunlight and a healthy life expectancy, should keep you running with independent electricity for 10-15 years. That should be more than enough to keep you safe during any disastrous events.

Can a Solar Battery Bank be installed anywhere on my property?

~Tom in Palm Harbor

Solar battery banks can be installed inside and outside. Still, they’re quite large and require some decision making for practicality, protection and aesthetics. We can help advise you with this.

Can I add solar battery storage to my existing solar system?

~Lucy in East Tampa

Yes, we frequently add solar battery banks to existing solar systems.

Why would I need solar battery storage?

~Phoebe in Riverview

There are three answers to this question – a reduced energy bill, a reduced carbon footprint and protection for electricity outages.

Solar battery storage allows you to use the sun’s light even at night, as it’s been stored up in the battery all day, waiting to be used for FREE. That results in a far cheaper energy bill and far less fossil fuel energy

If the hurricane season hits badly and destroys power lines, a solar battery bank will keep your lights on, your food fresh and your family safe.

In terms of long term threats, sadly, we have more than a global pandemic to prepare for – we have the climate crisis. That is likely to cripple the fossil fuel industry and cause electricity prices to skyrocket, or even bring the nation’s energy to a grinding halt. With a solar battery bank, you’re protecting yourself from these scenarios by ensuring you have power at all times.

Is it true that after 2020, Florida solar installation costs will rise?

~Pete in Citrus Park

Yes! In 2020, you can save 26% on solar installation costs thanks to Solar Tax credits. However, over the next two years that figure will hit 0% (20% in 2021, 0% in 2022). In fact, we might be looking at the cheapest price for solar installation for decades. 2020 is the time to act!

Will a solar battery work on a cloudy day?

~Daniel in Highpoint

Yes! In fact, this is when they can be most useful. Without a solar battery storage you could be using grid energy on cloudy days. But with a battery, you can get a decent amount of energy to reduce your bills and carbon footprint.

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