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We install solar panels in Tampa!

Installing a solar power system has many financial,environmental, and lets not forget feel good benefits;
Protection Against Rate Hikes, Increased Property Value, Tax Credits, Reducing Our Dependence On Foreign Oil, Reducing The Need For Nuclear Power Plants,Reduced Carbon Footprint, Clean Power For Up To 30 Years.


Here in Florida we enjoy some of the lowest electric rates in the country (between 11-14 cents a kWh for residential), look at California where they are paying up to 32 cents a kWh!!!

As our beautiful state grows so does the demand for electricity and with that demand comes more generation capacity the utility must provide.

Control your future expenses by investing in a solar power system, pre-purchase your power for a 50-75% savings over the course of 25 years.

Visit our Costs & Savings page for more information.



We are very familiar with the local code requirements for solar panel installation in Tampa, our experience guarantees your project won’t get held up in plan review or fail inspection.

First hand knowledge of weather conditions in Tampa helps us better engineer your solar panel system for years of trouble free operation.

Consideration of the installation location and the environmental conditions play a big role in selecting the solar components for your system. Cutting corners in the beginning can mean large maintenance costs down the road or result in your warranty being compromised.

We take the time to perform a detailed evaluation providing us with site specific data which allows us to match quality components from trusted brand names to your project.



The Federal tax credit is 30% of the purchase price of your system towards your tax liability in the year that the system comes online, there is no cap and the credit can be claimed up to 2019 for the full 30%.
For more information visit our Costs & Savings page.


New construction or existing we will integrate solar panels into your home/business.

What sets us apart from other solar panel installers in Tampa?

  • FSEC Certified Installers
  • Unmatched Installation Quality
  • Expert Customer Service
  • Premium Balance Of System Components
  • Free Online Monitoring To Protect Your Investment
  • Site Specific Stamped Plans
  • Start To Finish Handling Of Each And Every Detail
  • No Ball Dropping, Done Right The First Time.
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How Much Can
Solar Save?

Over the last few years utility rates have skyrocketed more than 23.5%. Solar is up to 187% cheaper than purchasing power from the utility company! By going solar you can actually make money instead of throwing it away. The higher the utility bill the more money your solar earns.

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      Our consultations are informative as well as educational with no sales pressure and unlike other companies take only 30-45 minutes on average to complete.

      With no money out of pocket you can save thousands in less than 5 years and see if you qualify for the federal tax credit with an average value of -$14,000. See If Solar Is Right For You, You’ll Be Glad You Did.

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