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    At Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” we aim to make your solar power installation experience as easy as possible. We understand that choosing your solar provider is important and takes time and energy to obtain and compare quotes.

    We have developed this tool to make your experience with us as easy as possible. This tool will provide you with an instant quote on a standard solar system installation. If you would like to further customize your system, we have many options and upgrades available.


    • Aptos Panels, Mono Cells, Black On Black, 18.9%+ Efficiency, Made In S. Korea

    • Enphase Micro Inverters 25 Year Warranty To Match The Panel's Output Guarantee.

    • Hurricane Rated Rail System, Electrically Bonded, Winds To 150MPH.

    • Roof Attachments With Aluminum Flashings Insure There Is No Leaks.

    • Utility Grade Interconnection With Up Sized Wire And Conduit.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    If you need help choosing the system size that best suits your needs, we've developed a System Sizer tool just for you. Don't worry, the System Sizer will open in a new tab and your form entries won't be lost!

    You will be given the opportunity to completely customize your solar system if you would like.

    8 kW Standard11.59 kW Standard (TOP SELLER!)15 kW Standard18 kW Standard25 kW Standard

    For systems requiring more than 25 kW, please schedule a consultation and a representative will be in touch.

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    Down Payment Amount

    Here at Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company”, we make solar power financing in Florida simple. We have partnered with a local Solar Financing Company and offer 3 finance plans to take the burden off of you. Our solar experts will work closely with you to make sure you get guaranteed savings no matter what solar option or financing plan you choose.
    25 months at 0% APR, CAP = 100k144 months at 2.99% APR, CAP = 40k258 months at 2.99% APR, CAP = 75k

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    What sets us apart?

    Fastest Turn-around times in florida!

    From Permitting to Final City/County Inspection In As Little As 3 Weeks.

    Other companies may take up to 6 months or longer and the money saved on the purchase price will be spent on lost system production.

    High Quality Installation By Our Own Seasoned Installers!

    Ensures There Are No Installation Defects And Your System Is Installed Per Our Quality Standards.

    You Are Dealing Directly With A Contractor!

    There Is No Sales & Marketing Company Or 3rd Party To Deal With.

    Often Other Contractors Will Hire Independent Sales Companies With Little To No Solar Knowledge Which Leads To Costly Change Orders Due To Miscommunication Or Ignorance.

    Reliable Equipment ensures Your Investment Delivers The Returns You Expect, Year After Year.