Our Solar Warranties Are 15 Years Longer Than Tesla’s!

Tesla’s Elon Musk might be the richest man on earth, but Tesla’s home solar warranties are 15 years shorter than Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” warranties.

Tesla’s Elon Musk might be the richest man on earth, but Tesla’s home solar warranties are 15 years shorter than Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” warranties.

Here’s why our 25-year solar warranties can save you thousands of dollars for 15 years longer than Tesla:

How Long Are Tesla Solar Warranties?

While Tesla Solar offers just a 10-year comprehensive warranty, we offer 25 on all equipment and 10 years on installation related defects!

That’s over double. That could save you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars!

If you choose Tesla and in 11 years your solar system starts malfunctioning, or your batteries aren’t working – the cost of repairs will come out of your pocket.

Note that Tesla offers a 25-year warranty on panel performance only. Solar inverters, batteries, roof mounting and more are only limited to 10 years.

Elon Musk has even said Tesla suffers from quality control issues in recent months because their rate of production demands are getting out of hand.

With Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company”, we’ll take care of your solar system for over two decades! While Tesla users pay extra for new panels and repairs, we’ll be here – saving you money.

Our 100% Guarantee

At Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company”, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with your installation.

That’s because we know our high-quality craftsmanship has been trusted by Florida residents for 17 years. From customer service to installation quality, we won’t let you down.

Tesla Outsources Their Installation Teams

Unlike the Tesla empire, we’re real people. 

They hire outside teams to come in and do the job for them. That means you never know what team or quality of staff is going to turn up.

Often outside contractors have little to no solar knowledge (the majority of them are previous roof installers, not solar installers), which can cause costly change orders, miscommunication, ignorance or lengthy delays.

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” Has a Dedicated, Local Team

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” has a dedicated, trusted team of engineers and craftsmen that have worked alongside our owner for years. We have a reputation to uphold and a place in the local community that Tesla’s money can’t buy.

From our installation team to our phone line, it’s all in-house – no outside marketing teams and only people we trust. We’re also a NABCEP, FSEC and Florida State Certified Installer.

Tesla Has Eliminated Their Sales Team

Tesla has also gone 100% online, so you’re unlikely to talk to a real person. You won’t be able to speak with them about your solar dream in the same way. Even if you want a phone call, customers have reported monthly long waiting calls and call center staff.

We care about our customers and speak to them as real people. We listen to your solar dream and how we should design the installation based on your home and your tastes.

When problems arise, you can reach our office at any time and talk it over. We make things stress-free for everyone, so you can enjoy the experience of going solar!

Does Tesla’s Solar Roof Make Financial Sense to You?

Many of our new customers mention that they’ve been considering Tesla’s solar roofs. They look great and will gain you curb appeal, but the reason many people stick with our traditional solar panels is that it makes more sense financially.

Solar roof installations require you to build an entirely new roof AND install solar.

If you have no need for a new roof, you risk getting upsold on a product you didn’t even have eyes on in the first place.

With Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company”, we can install regular solar panels without the need to redesign your roof. We’ll install long-lasting roof mounts and brackets without disturbing what’s below.

Solar Roofs Generate Less Energy

So if the solar roof is more expensive than solar panels, surely it generates more electricity… right? Well, no.

Infact, Solar roofs only generate 70% of the energy solar panels can. That’s because although it’s a roof, it’s a mix of both solar and non-solar tiles. Whereas solar panels take up less space, but are more efficient.

If You Want Solar – Act Now for Federal Tax Credits

Florida’s Solar Tax Incentives will save you thousands of dollars if you start your installation in 2021. This year, you will save 26% – that’s the equivalent of $7,800 on a $30,000 installation!

By 2023 Federal Tax Credits will drop to 22% and 0% in 2024!

But we advise you to get started and lock in that price fast! Delays and COVID issues are potential stumbling blocks that we saw cost customers thousands last year – don’t delay, don’t regret – get eligible for the credits soon!

We Have the Fastest Turn-Around in Florida!

If you need a Florida solar installation, then get it done fast with Florida Power Services. From permitting to the final city or county inspection, it should take us no longer than three weeks!

Many companies take up to 6 months or more, which could see you miss out on 2021’s 26% federal tax credits.

But if you go with us, you’ll be eligible for that AND be saving money

every day, thanks to your new, clean energy machine.

Facts About Solar in Florida

  • There are over 209 Solar Installation companies in Florida.
  • The solar industry provides 12,202 jobs in Florida.
  • There have been over 80,000 Solar installations in Florida
  • Florida was 3rd in the National Ranking for Solar in 2020.
  • Over $8.8 billion has been invested in solar power in Florida.
  • 3.03% of Florida’s electricity comes from Solar power.
  • Tesla poses a threat to running these local solar companies out of business.
  • Solar power in Florida is projected to double over the next 5 years.

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” vs. Tesla “The Car Manufacturer”

If you’re interested in learning more about our 25-year warranty and 100% guarantee, then contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll get your Florida Solar Installation started fast, so you can get those 2021 Federal Tax Credits – saving you thousands!

TECO Is Going Solar, But You’re Paying the Bill!

Tampa Bay Electric Co.’s customers are set to see painful rate hikes over the next year, as the company covers its costs for investing in solar.

Tampa Bay Electric Co.’s customers are set to see painful rate hikes over the next year, as the company covers its costs for investing in solar.

In a recent notice to regulators, the Hillsborough County power company stated its plans to charge customers between $280 and $295 million from 2022.

Tampa Bay Electric Co. Continues Raising Rates

Regulators are likely to approve this request, causing customer rates to increase to an estimated $124.30 per 1,000 kilowatt-hours.

That’s up 18% from 2021!

And, that’s on top of already increasing the rates by 8% from 2020.

Why Are TECO Raising Energy Bills?

Last year Tampa Bay Electric Co. said their new 8% increase in rates was due to natural gas. This year, it’s because they’re investing in solar.

They’ve recognized that the climate crisis is calling for a future of electricity, green and solar. It’s inevitable.

The company is on track to generate 14% of its power from solar energy until 2023. That’s thanks to 1,200 megawatts of solar power.

But they’re conveniently keeping quiet their expensive payments towards grid fortification. And natural gas prices keep rising.

Customers Paying the Bill

Sadly, it’s their customers who are having to foot the bill – for the second year running.

TECO’s plans to build 1,200 megawatts of solar power by 2023 “will provide enough energy to power 200,000 homes”.

But, unlike having your own solar power system, you’ll have to keep paying an energy bill while the company enjoys those savings.

TECO also has Solar plans coming up for next year, in the fourth phase of their current solar expansion. So expect painful increases on your TECO bill next year too.

Insulate Yourself From Rising Power Rates in Tampa

As Tampa Bay Electric Co. forces its customers to foot the bill for installing new solar panels, many customers are taking the alternate route – investing in their own solar panels.

Rather than paying for a company’s solar panels, which provide just 14% of clean energy, you could enjoy your own green and clean home of the future – with FREE power.

How Much Could I Save If I Install Solar in Tampa?

If, for example, your average monthly power bill is $160.50, if we factor in the average annual inflation rate of 4%, you will be forking over $85,454 to the power company in the next 25 years.

If your monthly utility bill in Tampa averages $160.50:

Your estimated monthly solar loan payment would be: $125.66

With no money out of pocket you can save $418 a year, and potentially qualify for federal tax credits worth an estimated $9,008.22

You could enjoy a 6.9 year Return on Investment and Enjoy free power for over 18.1 years!

Don’t Miss Out on 26% Reductions!

Thanks to Federal Tax Credits on Solar Power Installations in Solar, you can enjoy a massive 26% reduction this year!

That’s the equivalent of $7,800 on a $30,000 installation.

But only if your installation starts before December 31st, 2021. By 2023, those reductions will drop to 0%.

Boost Your Property Value

So why not consider putting your hard-earned cash towards your own property, not TECO’s. Aside from that clean and FREE energy, you could also enjoy massive property value boosts.

For every $1,000 saved in annual electricity through Solar in Tampa, your home’s value can increase by $20,000. Your investment could pay for itself, fast!

In the future, homeowners will want pre-installed solar systems to avoid the hassle of installation costs and waiting on ROI. We’re already seeing real estate investors choose solar homes over outdated homes.

Avoid Fluctuating Rates

Understandably, TECO customers are annoyed at their rates changing for the second year running. Why should they have to pay for something beyond their control?

Although they can go up and down, TECO has now pushed rates up by 26% in just 3 years.

We’re also seeing rising solar equipment prices thanks to COVID and material shortages throughout the world.

By installing your own solar panels in Tampa, you can gain control over how much you pay and stop worrying about fluctuating rates that eat into your wallet.

TECO Can See the Solar Boom Coming

One thing we can’t criticize TECO for is their idea of going solar. We just don’t like seeing Tampa folk pay for it.

But solar is the future. TECO’s investments are evidence of that, so Tampa residents should act now to invest before the solar boom begins.

By getting ahead of the game, you could benefit from lower rates now and cash in on massive property value boosts.

As they say, you get rich by buying in before it hits mainstream news.

Tampa is Perfect for Solar Panels

It’s about time Florida power companies started investing in solar power, as our state has perfect conditions for collecting the sun’s rays.

On average, in Tampa there are 246 days of sunshine. That’s far higher than the US average of 206.

Solar systems are also great at providing you with electricity during hurricanes and storms. While the grid is down, solar owners with battery bank systems can enjoy electricity to protect themselves or stay entertained.

The Bottom Line

  • TECO’s rates are rising for yet another year – at 18% since 2021!
  • You can avoid paying for an investment that doesn’t benefit you, by installing solar.
  • Say goodbye to fluctuating solar rates.
  • Enjoy FREE electricity with your own solar power system.
  • Make money through net metering.
  • Save thousands of dollars through Federal Tax Credits (26% in 2021!)
  • Boost your property value considerably.
  • Stay ahead of the Solar boom.

Solar Power Installation in Tampa, FL

If you want to avoid paying TECO’s rising rates and instead boost your property value while enjoying FREE electricity, then contact us today for solar power installation in Tampa, FL.

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is the Sunshine’s states leading solar power installer and would love to help you save thousands of dollars.

Solar Tax Incentives in Florida – Act Before Summer 2021!

If you’re looking to go solar in 2021, then solar tax incentives in Florida can help with the installation costs in the form of a tax rebate.

If you’re looking to go solar in 2021, then solar tax incentives in Florida can help with the installation costs. But, you need to act fast – both to gain solar tax credits and to avoid volatile solar equipment price increases.

Here’s why you need to lock in pricing now:

Solar Tax Incentives in Florida 2021

Solar tax incentives in Florida are fantastic for anyone installing new solar panels and batteries in 2021. Regardless of how much your solar installation costs, they will save you thousands of dollars.

This year, you can save 26% thanks to solar tax incentives in Florida. That’s the equivalent of $7,800 on a $30,000 installation.

The Time to Act is Now!

But time is always running out. Each year the solar tax incentives in Florida drop. By 2023, it will be 22% and in 2024, 0%!

There is no guarantee the recent extension to solar tax incentives in Florida will happen again. Solar tax credits have been slashed for years – it was 30% back in 2019.

We’ve had many customers regret delaying back in 2019, as they pay far higher now. Make sure you’re not one of them. Act now and save thousands of dollars.

Solar Equipment Price Rises!

COVID-19 has been reaping havoc on the solar power industry too – and that has had a knock on effect on customers.

Key materials, panels and shipments have all been delayed since the start of the pandemic leading to high competition in the U.S.

That’s caused prices to rocket and customers forced to either face long waiting lists or pay over the usual price.

The fear now is that solar equipment prices are forecast to rise again this summer!

Glass Shortage Crisis

Countries like India and Australia are already feeling the heat, as China faces a worrying glass shortage. That’s caused glass prices to rise by 71% since July 2020 and we could be about to see the same situation this year.

Some forecasts suggest the solar industry could be 20-30% short of glass until summer 2022 – so act now to avoid these rising costs!

Problems in the manufacturer of modules have also caused rising costs throughout the industry.

Make Sure You’re At the Front of the Queue!

With COVID-19’s impact on everyday life hopefully reaching its conclusion soon and people ready to return to spending their earnings and stimulus checks, there is likely to be a queue for solar power installation.

With Florida Power Services, we’re well-stocked to serve your installation in 2021. But we urge you to act fast and avoid the competition we expect later.

Being stuck on a waiting list could see you miss out on 2021’s solar tax incentives in Florida, and the same goes for 2022. Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner, being at the front of the queue could be the difference between spending thousands of unnecessary dollars and saving thousands.

Am I Eligible for Solar Tax Incentives in Florida?

In order to save thousands of dollars in 2021 through solar tax incentives in Florida, you need to be able to say yes to the following criteria:


  • The solar installation must start before the end of 2022 and provide energy for your home.
  • You must be the property owner, not a tenant.
  • You must own the solar panels, not be leasing them.
  • All electrical and fire code requirements must be met.
  • Solar systems purchased with loans are also eligible.


  • The solar installation must start before the end of 2022 and provide energy for your home.
  • The solar system must be used by someone paying U.S. income taxes.
  • The above does not apply to schools, charities, churches and other tax-exempt organizations.
  • The energy generated cannot be used to heat a pool.

What Expenses are Covered by Florida Solar Tax Incentives?

You can save 26% on the following Florida solar installation expenses:

  • Solar PV panels or PV cells
  • Contractor labor costs for everything from onsite preparation to permitting fees.
  • Installation and balance-of-system equipment, including wires, mounting and inverters.
  • Energy storage devices charged exclusively by solar panels – such as battery backup banks or off-grid battery systems.

How Do I Claim Solar Tax Credits?

When filing your tax return, you should:

  • Check your installation starts before December 31, 2021.
  • Collect any receipt related to the cost of solar installations and solar power.
  • Fill out the IRS Form 5965.
  • Add the Tax Credits to Form 1040.

Florida Solar Tax Incentives on New Residential Homes

If you’re a homeowner who bought a newly built home in 2021 with solar and owns that system, then you’re eligible for Florida Solar tax credits.

However, if you lease the solar system or purchase electricity from the system through a power purchase agreement (PPA), then the tax credits will be claimed by the company that leases the system or provides the PPA.

Consider Our Fixed Rate Solar Loans in Florida

Want more financial help? Then consider our Florida fixed rate solar loan – at just 0.99% APR!

Your monthly payment will be less than the utility bill, ensuring you can install solar in Florida ASAP and start earning money back through net metering.

Limited Funding Available

Our fixed-rate solar loans in Florida are limited, so you need to act fast to secure your spot soon before someone else does!

Our relatively new financing option has gathered significant interest, so places are going fast.

Solar Power Installation in Florida

If you need help with your Solar tax incentives in Florida or are interested in a solar power installation in Florida, then contact us today.

Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” is the Sunshine’s states leading solar power installer and would love to help you save thousands of dollars in 2021.

One last reminder if you didn’t get the memo: Lock in pricing now! No delays, no regrets!

No Money Out Of Pocket Solar Loans in Florida

Our solar financing solutions allow you to go solar in Florida with no money out of pocket solar loans and a federal tax credit.

Our solar financing solutions allow you to go solar in Florida with no money out of pocket solar loans. Without the need to make an upfront payment, we make solar power in Florida affordable for all homeowners. With 2020’s tax credit incentives available there has never been a better time to act than now! Here’s how it works:

1.49% APR – Payments Less Than The Utility Bill

Our solar financing solutions are tailored to make solar installations easy and worthwhile investments for homeowners. We do that by offering highly competitive loan rates, fast and easy credit approvals and minimal documentation requirements. With 1.49% APR, your payments will be less than the utility bill, providing free solar power for over 20 years! These low rates mean you’ll pay off the loan fast and enjoy a healthy return on your investment by saving money on your utility bills.

Our Florida solar financing solutions are also flexible. We use max approval loans, built for easy changes when project prices increase due to unforeseen complications or new ideas. The last thing you want is to have to refile for a loan. We work around that.

We also partner with a digital online portal and mobile app, with secure and user-friendly interfaces, allowing you to track your loans easily at any time.

  • 1.49% APR
  • Flexible terms
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Initial payments due 60 days after installation
  • No money out of pocket
  • Optional Prequalification
  • Instant Credit Approval for Qualified Applicants
  • Minimal Documentation Required
  • Suitable for Single-Family Homes, townhouses and row houses, duplexes and triplexes, vacation & Second homes and ground mounts.

Long Term Benefits of Florida Solar Loans

Solar loans are very popular in Florida. That’s because with a solar loan, YOU own the solar panels, without the need to use vast savings. That means you can receive all of the available rebates and incentives, including hugely rewarding Federal Investment Tax Credit. You also don’t have to pay for solar lease maintenance. Best of all, with our “no money out of pocket solar loans“, you can start saving immediately.

How Much Do Solar Panels Boost Property Value?

Many experts claim that for every $1 reduced in annual utility bills, a property’s value increases $20. That means if your Florida solar system saves you $400 a year, your home could now be worth $8,000 more than before. However, this ignores a bunch of other factors. As the world heads towards a climate crisis, solar power is likely to be essential in Florida homes. Solar is going to be highly sought after. By having these panels already installed, potential buyers don’t have to do the hard work of installing the panels. The job is already done for them. We’ve seen many homes picked over others because of solar panels, with buyers paying attractive prices.

The property value increase can also vary depending on the number of panels you have, if you have battery storage installed and whether it’s grid-tied or not.

Are Florida Solar Loans Right for Me?

Solar loans in Florida are perfect for homeowners who:

  • Want to own solar panels without paying cash up-front.
  • Want to immediately boost the value of their home, with a solar system installation.
  • Want to save money from day one, with incentives, rebates and monitoring all available.

How do Florida Solar Loans Work?

Just like any other loan, Florida solar loans have an annual interest rate, monthly payment requirements and a payback period. The good news for you is, ours require no money out of pocket. The monthly payments are also less than the utility bill!

The Benefits of Florida Solar Loans

  • You own the solar panels from day one.
  • You can receive federal tax credits in the first year.
  • Immediate savings over your electricity bills.
  • No money out of pocket.
  • Install solar panels, without the need for large cash sums.

The Last Year for Federal Tax Credits!

If you’re thinking of taking out a ‘FREE SOLAR’ loan, then 2020 is the time to act. As the year heads towards its conclusion, so does the Federal Tax Credits’ savings.

Although in 2020, you save a fantastic 26% on solar costs through Federal Tax Credits, that figure will drop to 0% over the next two years. In 2021, it will be just 20% and 0% in 2022.

Contact us today to find out much you could be getting back on your taxes. For example, if your Florida solar power installation costs $10,000, you could receive solar tax credits of $2600. Combine that with a no money out of pocket solar loan, and solar panels quickly become an affordable and rewarding investment.

Can I Get 2020’s Solar Tax Credits?

Time is running out, but as long as you get your solar installation started by the end of 2020, then you’re eligible for those Federal Tax Credits of 20%. Don’t waste time. Act fast. Act now!

  • Your solar installation must start in 2020.
  • You must be the property owner.
  • You must own the solar panels, not lease them (No money out of pocket solar loans making you the owner.)
  • All electric and fire code requirements must be met.

What About PACE Financing?

Many people ask about PACE Financing when considering solar loans. It’s important to note that PACE Financing is not a loan as it is paid through property taxes. Still, PACE Financing may be a suitable option for you. PACE Financing (Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing) may be suitable for you if you want to avoid a credit check or upfront cost or prevent yourself from being tied to the property. It’s perfect for anyone unsure about their future but wants to go solar.

Solar Loans in Florida

Our no money out of pocket solar loans make investing in solar easy for all, whether you’re a young couple owning your first home, or you want to go clean but don’t have the savings. Without the need for an upfront payment, you can get started today – saving thousands thanks to 2020’s Federal Tax Credits. Contact Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” today to get started on your Florida solar installation and to receive expert advice on solar financing and free solar loans. Lock in your price now, before it’s too late! Apply for a Solar Loan Today!

Coronavirus Is an Alarm Bell for Investing in Solar Power in Florida

The Coronavirus’ devastating effects on everyday life is an alarming bell that now is the time to invest in solar power installation in Florida. As the world heads for a recession and apocalyptic fears rise, being able to live independently could see solar owners benefit both with security and their finances. Here are some key reasons why COVID-19 is the ideal time for solar investment.

Live off the Grid with Your Own Power

Living off the grid with your own power could prove vital in the near future. The Coronavirus hitting Florida is a warning sign that apocalyptic events are real and can destroy the economy, the nation’s infrastructure and the energy grid.

Nobody knows where this pandemic is heading. It isn’t even close to its peak yet and we don’t know how the system will cope. By installing solar power in Florida, you can protect your family from economic collapses and other events caused by the coronavirus.

Make Your Home a Shelter From The Coronavirus

Just turn on the news and you can see Floridians are starting to panic (perhaps justifiably) with stockpiling. People go rabid during these times. COVID-19 may spread to the majority of the population and if you or your family members are vulnerable to the virus, then you need to ensure you can be truly isolated. Solar power allows you to do just that, with battery storage systems and off-grid set-ups ensuring you can stay away from work without paying energy bills. Now is the time to make your home an independent shelter for generations to come.

Note: Florida Solar power installation during the Coronavirus does not require you to get within close distance of the installation team. Florida Solar power installation companies can work on your roof, talk to you virtually and keep you safe and isolated at all times if needed.

Fossil Fuel Could Collapse or Cause Price Surge

The Coronavirus is a global pandemic. It’s brought airline companies to their knees, slashed CO2 levels and halted transport across the globe. The fossil fuel industry is looking over its shoulder more than ever before. It is not hyperbole to say it could collapse if the virus’ effects snowball. The New York Times said, “The oil and gas industry is already seeing reductions in shipments from China and not enough pipe is being shipped or other raw materials used for drilling and construction. This is resulting in a slow down of oil and gas projects. So oil and gas will not be a better alternative to solar in the interim of the virus outbreak.”

If the cost of fossil fuels rises, then energy companies could be forced to raise prices – or fail to provide the energy needed for the demand. In this scenario, it’s the solar power owners who will be safe with their lights on and money in their pockets.

Save and Make Money During Quarantine

Experts are saying a U.S. lockdown and quarantine could be inevitable. It’s already the case in European countries like France and Italy. Whether you’re forced to stay home or choose to self-isolate, you’re going to be using a lot more electricity. Florida solar power owners will benefit thanks to the huge savings that can be made each month and the excellent solar benefit of making money when you share energy with the grid.

2020 Is the Last Chance for 26% Tax Credits Savings

While you’re locked at home isolating from Corona, you can save 26% on solar costs. But that’s just in 2020. If you wait until 2022, it will drop to 0% tax credit savings. 2020 is the last chance to make these levels of savings. Don’t miss out.

Climate Crisis Will Be Taken Seriously and Prices Will Rise

COVID-19 might have stolen the headlines from the climate emergency, but those terrifying dangers won’t go away without green energy. The coronavirus will make everyone from politicians to the population truly aware of how fragile society and the economy is. It’s a reality check. They’ll have to plan for the climate crisis and that may mean a surge in solar power installations in Florida. It’s even being suggested that Solar power might be used to help propel the economy back on to its feet. That’s likely to mean higher prices. Act now to take advantage of the currently healthy Florida solar power installation rates.

Support Local Businesses During Coronavirus

With self-isolating and restricted travel, local businesses are taking the hit. That includes the solar industry. They need your support more than ever now. Not in a year or two, but now while demands are low. Supporting local businesses has a knock-on effect on the community, as the money spreads around to other local industries. There are also a bunch of reasons why you should use local experienced Florida solar providers over big companies.

Fears Over Rising Solar Prices in Late 2020/2021

Global forecasts for 2020 already suggest that the demand for photovoltaic solar panels in 2020 will be in the range of 108 to 143 gigawatts, a reduction from that of 121 to 152 gigawatts forecast earlier in the year. That’s because China is a critical supplier of solar components. With China battling off COVID-19, there is a fear that the prices will rise over the year due to the lack of parts. That means now is THE perfect time to invest in Solar power installation in Florida. If you wait, you could end up paying far more. We advise you not to take that risk. Cash in on the current healthy market prices and the 2020 tax credits savings!

Finding the Best Florida Solar Installation Company Near Me

If you want to protect your family and your home from the potential system collapse caused by the Coronavirus, then contact us today. The number one regret that solar owners have is that they didn’t do it sooner. Now is the ideal time to invest. 2020 tax credits. A healthy market and an industry that has not yet felt the effects of the coronavirus.

Contact Florida Power Services “The Solar Power Company” today to get started on your Florida solar power installation, to receive expert advice on off-grid energy, financing and how we can make your home a clean energy home of the future. Protect your home now before it’s too late!