About Us

Solar Installers Serving The Tampa Bay Area And The State Of Florida, Specializing In Photovoltaic Design & Installation.

Founded in 2007 FPS has over four megawatts of solar panels installed across the state of Florida.We strive daily to exceed expectations delivering a different experience to our clients with premium products backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We take great pride in the quality of our installations and use only the best equipment coupled with the latest installation methods to insure our clients receive the returns they expect from their solar systems.

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When you choose Florida Power Services you are choosing a company that will take you through each and every step of owning your own solar energy system including:

  • Site Evaluation
  • Shading Reports
  • System Design
  • ROI
  • Financing
  • Permitting
  • Installation
  • Filing your Rebates
  • Service

We are well equipped with the best tools and resources required to perform world-class solar panel installations for our clients. The difference between FPS and other solar contractors?

  • All of our system designs are reviewed and stamped by a Certified Professional Engineer.
  • Million dollar liability insurance
  • FSEC Certified PV Installer
  • NABCEP Certified PV Installer #PV-041115-002517
  • State Certified Solar Contractor #CVC56731
  • 14 years solar experience in the state of Florida
  • Owner is onsite during installations
  • The greatest attention to detail and aesthetics
  • System monitoring
  • Double sealed roof penetrations and flashings
  • Metal Raceways
  • Premium Balance of System Components
  • Excellent Customer Support


There’s a cost to do something…..And then there’s the cost to do it right.

What Clients Are Saying

Backed by 14 years of solar installation experience FPS maintains an excellent reputation with clients and the solar industry.

Read our BBB letter from Frank Christian

Fulviu Borcan BBB Letter

Read a letter from satisfied client Thomas Zander


I’ve been told that I’m highly critical (almost anal) and extremely demanding (I’m a New Yorker we’re like that) but I have nothing, and I mean NOTHING but the highest praise for your installers, Joe and Kyle. Pride in workmanship has become a rare thing, especially in Florida as I have found since moving here, but these guys are incredible! Now I feel like I got the best of both worlds – the best equipment and the best installation of that equipment. So, yes, you were right, it was worth the wait – put me in the HAPPY customer column.

Ray Strobel, Jacksonville

I was satisfied with the service that was provided on my house by Joe and the team. Very responsible, reliable, and honest person to work with. Worked in a timely manner and prompt with everything. Thank you for the service provided to us.

Rohit Patel, Tampa

Joe at Florida Power Services installed a solar system on our roof almost two years ago – he was very professional during the entire process – we do not even know the solar panels are there – you really cannot see them – we know they are there because we get many months of only a $10 monthly bill from Duke Energy – that is the minimum fee amount per month. We generate more electricity than we use during the fall and spring, so we build up credits and in fact, last June and July when the TWO central air systems were working, we still only had $10 bills because we had so many credits. We would recommend (and have recommended Joe) to a number of folks – going green is a good investment and it is great for the environment! Both thumbs up!!

Tim McClain, St Pete Beach

Your install team was top notch!!! Fantastic experience and well deserving of accolades and commendations! The installation was clean, smooth, and professional. The team was approachable, respectable, friendly, and represented your organization well. I served as a field engineer for 15 years doing multi-million dollar capital equipment installs and would love to have people of their caliber on any one of my teams.

Jeremy Gerdts, Brooksville

Florida Power Services installed a 14.3KW PV solar system and a solar water heater. I”m very satisfied with the products installed, but most of all I am happy with the contractor and the installation. All of my questions were answered, they helped me with multiple forms for the power company. We have had a couple of quotes, these guys had the best price, but the product and installation was top notch. I have nothing but positive things to say about this company.

Fulviu Borcan, Clearwater


Florida Power Services did a first rate job on my solar panel install.
The sale price was competitive, every step of the installation schedule was hit on time, the output has exceeded written estimates considerably.
The solar panels have operated with out incident for eighteen months, I paid a fair price for a quality product that was professionally installed that has met & exceeded expectations.
I would recommend Joe & FPS to anyone considering installing solar panels with out reservation. 

David Hendry, St Petersburg


Just wanted to let you know the panels are working great.  Got my first bill after being on for the entire statement and we accumulated 655 KWH extra.  Also learned that the fpl bill still will be $7.57 each month for basic hookup service and the reserve power will be given in a check at end of year.  They do not apply the reserve amount to a future bill.  Thanks again for all the help and it’s much nicer paying a few bucks than $250.

Ben & Cori Rigney, Bradenton

Very pleased with the company and contact Joe Forest. Joe provided a good quote and held the project cost to his quoted price. After initiating the project, Joe found out the quoted solar panels were on back order. He sourced higher quality US made panels and even though they cost more, he kept to the original price. The installation went smoothly and quickly, passing inspection the first time. Throughout the project, Joe kept me informed and was very responsive. After the installation, Joe continues to offer advice.

Mike S, North Port

 I hired Joe to put in a 11.75 kw system. I had some TECO rebates, which gives you only 90 days to get everything done. If your contractor runs behind on schedule, that is too bad and you can lose your rebates. Obviously that didn’t happen, otherwise I wouldn’t have written the ‘Excellent’ review. FPS was on time for every appointment. Joe got the work done right on schedule, and the system works great. The system has been live for almost 3 months and I estimate my payback will be about 4.5 years based on my own numbers. The reporting system is very detailed, so you can see what your system is producing and cross-reference it to your actual bills. So you’ll know pretty quickly if the system is going to pay-off as expected or not. The actual numbers are better than what FPS predicted, so I’m happy that they used conservative figures. I didn’t have time because of the 90 day rebate window to get multiple quotes, so I took a chance based strictly on online reviews. I’m really glad I hired FPS. The bottom line is that it got done on time. Joe was 100% professional, and the system will pay for itself in less than 5 years. And every requirement for the TECO rebate was met, so I am completely happy with the work. His attention to detail was very good. Small things like conduit being painted white to match my siding. I was very concerned about panels being visible from the front of my house. There were chimneys and all kinds of obstacles making this a difficult installation and putting the rebate dollars at risk, but everything worked out great. I definitely recommend Joe. I really can’t believe how low my power bill is now. I’m just thrilled. And yes, this is a real review. I’m sure Joe knows who I am and you could confirm my system’s data with the online reporting tool and see for yourself that my system is working great.

Matt & Karyna, Lithia

My system has been live for over four years and my utility bills have been slashed in half. I have had zero problems with the system, and I’m estimating the system will have paid for itself in approximately four more years. Adding a solar system is an absolute no-brainer. And I can’t say enough good things about Joe’s professionalism and quality of service. I had a roofing problem that had nothing to do with the solar system, but it meant I needed Joe’s help after the sale temporarily removing some panels. He did a great job servicing the system and did not take advantage of the opportunity to nail me with a bill. This says a lot about how Joe stands behind his work. I would highly recommend Florida Power Services.

Troy & Suzie, Lake Wales

Working with Joe Forest & Florida Power Services was a pleasure, from our first meeting discussing my options, thru the system installation, inspections, & finally, the excitement of going on-line & producing my own power. Joe & his crew were true professionals & took the time to answer any questions that I had until I completely understood. Thanks again Joe & feel free to use me as a reference.

Alan, Anna Maria Island


Florida Power Services is a very professional company. The owner Joe, is very conscientious about the work performed. His crew is excellent,the work was completed on time, and Joe kept in contact before during and after installation. Upon completion the work area cleaned up. I would highly recommend this company.

Frank & Bernadette, Palm Harbor

I had a Solar Electric System installed by FPS and it was completed in Early December 2011. We are very satisfied with it, it has been producing anywhere from 13 to 16 kW a day as long as it isn’t cloudy and Joe had said to figure only about 10 to 12 in the winter so its better than I expected. I really appreciated Joe going the extra mile to help me get all the paperwork straightened out with Progress Energy, there were a lot of hoops to jump thru. Thank you again Joe for everything.

Jim & Clovine, St. Petersburg

When I decided to hire FPS Solar for the install I knew I was dealing with the actual owner/installer and not some salesman just looking to make his commission. I would be happy to recommend FPS Solar to anyone looking to go GREEN. Just ask Joseph for my contact info.

Mike, Bradenton

Joe at Florida Power Services is a top class installer. He is a state certified Solar Contractor and has a Florida Solar Energy Center certifications. He has helped me with my installations for my own firm for about 2 years now and I have never had a single complaint from a customer ever. All of his systems pass inspection every time and are very aesthetically pleasing.

Jason, Gainesville

Excellent experience with our 7.2 solar system install. Right from estimating the job to completing the final rebate application Joe was professional, courteous and prompt. FPS bid was also one of the best in the local Tampa market but they did not compromise service. Highly recommend.

Ravi, Apollo Beach

Well engineered solution. Quality work & materials. competitive pricing. targets hit & exceeded. = one satisfied customer.

David, St Petersburg

Joe is the most professional contractor I have ever dealt with, I will deal with him again when I do solar for my business.

Carmen, S. Daytona