The estimated annual production is: kWh

  • Hurricane Rated Rail System, Electrically Bonded, Winds To 150MPH

  • Roof Attachments With Aluminum Flashings Insure There Is No Leaks

  • Utility Grade Interconnection With Up Sized Wire And Conduit

Modules - PV modules have 2 warranties, a product and a power output. The product covers the physical module, the power output specifies the degradation rate of output over 25 years.
Inverters - The inverters carry a standard warranty of 7 - 25 years depending on manufacturer.
Batteries - The batteries carry a manufacturer warranty of 5 years or 2,000 cycles.
Racking - Almost all mainstream racking comes with a 25 year warranty.
Installation - 10 Years Against Installation Defects On Our Install, Roof To Interconnection.




*The Federal Tax Credit is between you and the IRS, talk to your accountant to see if you qualify. This credit is applied to your owed income tax bill.

**Should any unknown variables arise, we reserve the right to submit a change order

***Loan payment amount assumes applying Tax Credit to principle

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  • Reliable Power During Grid Outages / Off Grid

  • Highest Charge / Discharge Amps

  • Robust Commercial Grade Power Solution


  • No money out of pocket savings

  • Eligible for tax credit

  • Nontaxable property value increase